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  2. He is the source of great ideas.But he didn't change *everything*.He still exploited cheap Chinese labor to do his bidding. Your iPad and your iPhone (and MY iPad and MY iPhone) weren't made by hippies in some earth-day commune.They were made in a factory, by people who work long hours for very little pay to barely live above third world standards.

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  6. Awww… love this post Liz!   You're right — just being authentic – being YOU — is the best thing to be!    And really — it's the easiest!  Absolutely love all the wonderful friends I have met through Social  Media… love them for who they truly are & love how they love me back!!   

  7. icepoon : j’avoue que la 6 était ultra décevante (j’avais vu la fin venir dès le 2ème épisode malheureusement…) !A côté de la saison 4 avec Trinity, c’est le jour et la nuit en terme de classe (pour le méchant) et de tension.Bref, à voir si le niveau remonte pour la 7, c’est tout ce que j’espère.

  8. Bother! I got the title of Ellen's book wrong earlier on today, realised it and was determined to get it right – but didn't. Sorry!Mind you, I do think the secrets in it are more significant than the shadows.I'm sure skyping won't replace school visits, but it could well turn out to be useful adjunct.Sue

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  10. Thanks! Funny you should say that. I saw a gray (toward the bluish side) plate online and thought it would look cool. Thinking along the lines of adding different shades of blue and teal with the smidgen of copper. This all may change by next week though. lol Thanks for you ideas. Going to keep my options (and eyes) open.

  11. En rapport à l’euphorbe(trés facile à trouver), j’en ai planté une à chaques taupinières dans le potager, c’est un succès !! Elle se promène dans le reste du jardin, et je récupère la terre des taupinières trés bonne pour le rempotage.

  12. I totally agree! I am happy that ever poor choice I have made in my life isn't in the headlines. I pray his family can heal and you are right the pressure of the media isn't going to help. . .love your blogs!

  13. I went to that laser show at Stone Mountain- but it’s been more than half my life ago and I don’t remember standing or not standing there. It’s totally yobbish for people to nitpick women in caps. If I’m in a hat and must remove it, trust me when I say it will be a very involved affair that will be much more distracting and disruptive to the folk around me than actually keeping my fashionable headgear on would have been. People who obsess over changing protocol regarding women’s headgear clearly need to give the day’s news a more sober read.

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  17. fran, i think it is so fantastic that you’re doing your walks AND that you are enjoying it! walking IS such a great activity, like you say: free, you can go anywhere, and all you need, really, is a good pair of shoes (had to throw that in there, given my profession!).i had to laugh when you say, “bloggers live for comments” because it’s so true! i love getting comments AND leaving comments – feels like chatting, continuing a conversation. and i don’t know how to leave a short comment!have a great day – i am off to toronto for aunti wednesday!

  18. Entiendo por la entrada que te parece extraño que el gobierno chino proteja las leyes de propiedad industrial de Apple… entiendo que extraño pero correcto… En serio Dani Burón??? Pero si parece por tus entradas sobre el samsung-gate que Apple tenga derechos sobre SUS propiedades industriales no sea algo correcto… Disculpa, no pretendo parecer el típico troll, pero me desespera el doble rasero de ciertas opiniones.

  19. 27 ottobre 2011 anziché smettere dovresti aprire una sezione dedicata (anche se mi sa che alla fine fagociterebbe tutto il blog… O.o), giusto così, per indicare alle nuove generazioni cosa vuol dire essere un pessimo informatore e quale strada non prendere se vogliono diventare giornalisti.

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  21. Whippy – Perhaps you are not overriding the controllers properly then? I haven’t ever encountered the need to change all of the “relevant page layout handles”. The way Magento has set things up is fairly decent. I have overridden many core controllers too.

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  25. Oh bullying makes me SO MAD! I even have this stop bullying widget thing on my blog.My daughter entered middle school this year (6th grade), and her dad and I ask her periodically if she’s seeing, hearing or, God forbid, experiencing an bullying. We encourage our kids to stand up for others. I know bullying has become a big issue for administrators in our district to tackle (Cami just did unit on it in Health class).Bullying is disgusting. I’m so glad your son told his teacher.

  26. The Mighty Feklahr is forced to point out that if we are relying on gamers in this movie, the beach volleyball and shower scenes will be a no go. On the flip side, the Cheetos vending machine will be getting a lot of camera time.

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  29. I am a five….and …. oh poor Alan! you must have many unresolved issues.. not being allowed to dunk!I taught my kids about dunking.. ( hmmm does that make me a bad mom.. or just messy?)I do have a sort of protocol.. I don’t just dunk randomly.. some things only get dunked in milk.. some things in tea.. ( like windmill cookies) And the only reason in the world i have a bit of milk is for dunking oreos .. which i will also dunk in coffee.. but not tea?see? its not too complicated really :)

  30. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  31. love the outfit. the pop of color is awesome! the shoes are great, thats the first thing i noticed lol and your hair looks fabulous too! have you ever shared what products you use for your hair? cos i need to know!

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  33. “I won’t come back, not even if I get the itch.” – Brett Favre after his retirement from the Jets.We can’t trust Brett Favre. These parasites that cling to Favre’s underbelly are the worst kind of fans. I don’t care how good the guy was/is, he’s a dishonest, selfish little weisel who obviously doesn’t give a crap about his fans. So if he doesn’t make an exception for you, don’t make one for him. Goodness have some dignity.

  34. Sorry, missed my lacuna when I was proofreading. The first paragraph of the above should read, “Like Deo volente, I think that, “The Council did not formulate anything new in matters of faith, nor did it wish to replace what was ancient,” is a tremendously important line.”

  35. Tyrone Oct 23 So agree with the above statement that CNN is FOX NEWS LITE… I use to enjoy the fact that one could think they were getting an un-biased news source, but after watching the past couple of days of most of the reporters jumping on the ROMNEY bandwagon, have decided I’d go back to netflix until the election is over…They took the easy road and sold themselves out. Save Anderson Cooper I do agree that he tries to stay neutral.

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  38. : je n´aime pas trop titiller le monde sur la signification des choses, mais il me semble que Etat est très différent de pays… l´Etat est l´entité morale qui gouverne le pays, lui même composé de la Nation (ensemble des citoyens) et du territoire. Personnellement, au dernière nouvelle (on ne m´a pas encore demandé de prouver mon identité francaise…), j´appartiens au pays mais pas à l´Etat !

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  40. Bee: every year, i have 2-3 kids who come in to school in september and cannot make it through the entire day of full day kindergarten! and at that time they’re between 5-6 years-old. this year, we had a little girl who fell asleep every afternoon at 2 for the first 3 weeks of school! we try to encourage parents at registration (in may) to phase out naps by august if their LOs are still napping.

  41. SK, you know it, and expressed it very nicely again in this post, I know it, and now thanks to the interview with Gingrich going viral and the Bally's frantic response to it, luckily a lot more people who did not want to know it also got confronted with the whole and plain truth and might set some of them thinking.A Jewish acquaintance who was born in pre-Israel (Palestine) Jerusalem and has this mentioned in her Dutch passport, until today cannot get a cellphone contract due to the non-existence of Palestine!

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  50. want to know about his Wonder Woman pilot for NBC is whether Diana Prince is going to be wearing Ally McBeal-length skirts. (Best guess: probably not, and damn the bad luck.) He’s definitely a revisionist on the

  51. Unfortunately not. And I meant in a few hours’ time, not that I banqueted on it for hours, though it had a goodly slather of vegemite added, and some lemon cake to follow. Plus half an apple and then instant coffee. Not quite Waitangi Day, let alone Bastille.

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  58. Started with this theme in 2009. I just updated my site to 3.7.3 in March, and the customized header is now gone and the images in the slider are also gone. Everything is back to default. Why would there be an update that would require me to go back and redo all of that work? What did I miss doing?

  59. If you will all please allow me a little “off topic” leeway here, I just wanted to say that as promised when I got home from work I read Vince’s review of Adventureland.I have to say I found it insightful, humorous, and immensely entertaining. I urge all of you to read it through as well.It was well worth the 45 minutes I spent plowing through it.(V, I hope this glowing endorsement makes up for my earlier hurtful attempt at humor at your expense. Sincerely TD)

  60. Dmitri – valid point in that, we're just using different nomenclature. On a different topic: since I regularly correct other people on history I'll correct myself here.Victoria was not a Hanoverian. Hanoverian succession law meant the throne o Hanover went to a male relative.Now there's an alternate history for you: what if a male had succeeded William on the Brtish throen and the personal union of Hanover and Great BRitain had continued? It's kind of hard to see Prussia uniting Germany in that world.

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  75. i am with ten – the oscars is a colossal waste of time if it really was about the work – then it would be great – how does Julia Roberts beat Ellyn Burstyn? etc. it ends up being a popularity contest or who’s turn is it this year (obviously Kate Winslet, who I do think is a terrific actress). the great documentaries barely get a mention (but at least they do!)i will say that at least this year almost all the movies and performances (and for once i saw most of them) – are deservingas for the drinking game – now that is a good way to get through it

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