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  15. It seems that, less than one hundred years after the Holocaust, the world has learned nothing from history. World leaders still insist on ‘negotiating’ with despots, a futile endeavour. Obama will no more be able to reason with Mahmoud than Chamberlain could with Hitler. ‘Peace in our time’? Not likely.Last night Iran stated it has test fired a missile that can hit Israel. In British newspapers – at least those I’ve seen so far – this item is being buried and given a few paragraphs, at best.

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  17. march / October 30, 2008nit-picking or not: me too, I think, BSD would have taken over this role, or even some stripped down Darwin / NeXTstep (less likely some OS/2 + BSD ports; the internet needed some portable OS). After all: the first http server and browser ran on top of NeXT.I remember an article in ’93, shortly before Linux “exploded”, describing the first 386 ports of BSD evolved – whatever people think today: there always were alternatives to todays well-known big players.Reply

  18. Watching America’s Next Top Model — and there is a commercial in which Whitney (last season’s winner, for those who don’t know) was wearing almost this exact same outfit. You are even more fashionable than Covergirl, without even knowing it!

  19. There’s no prospect of substantial cuts in emissions, and no way we can stop burning fossil fuels without crashing global civilisation. In any case, no government is going to last long by telling its people they have to live hungry in the cold and the dark while other countries burn coal and oil like there’s no tomorrow.

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  21. Jared- i would be interested again to see your facts. i think they got lost in your trying to reply to all the comments.and you mentioned you are trying to see this from a “secular” listener’s point of you… i know for me, being a Christian, it’s hard for me to wear those shoes. you mentioned you are too, and i’m curious how you are achieving this perspective…

  22. power in the hands of one person leads to that person thinking himself to be a god.And power in the hands of an unaccountable bunch of bureaucrats such as the ones in the EU – a committee of gods? a pagan pre-Christian system of gods?I think we will forever swing between a state of quasi-tyranny and quasi-freedom, as perfection is not within the human realm.

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  27. 1) je pense que la réponse s’adresse aussi aux auteurs des messages sur leur page facebook, à ceux qui ont bloqué leur site, ceux qui leur ont envoyé des menaces de morts, etc… Ne me faites pas croire qu’aucun musulman n’a fait partie de tous ceux là2) Rien à voir avec Ben Laden, à aucun moment il n’est identifié à Mahomet sur cette couverture. Ou alors n’importe quel type avec un turban = Ben Laden? On est mal barré.

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  30. it 80s day again? No? Then why is she relavent?"LOL! Andy's terrified that the jig is up on his favorite jigaboo. Don't worry, Andy, with Madonna's "endorsement" I'm sure NObama will get the votes of every fag muslim! ROFLMAO! Now all he has to do is court the muslim child molesters and he'll be on easy street. Shouldn't be too hard, since Dr. Corsi had evidence of NObama's police record of molesting Sunday school kids.

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  41. , I’m not sure about the conclusion. You’re right, the TSA is reactive, and every time they close a particular avenue for sneaking deadly weapons onto passenger planes, those who are interested can just find a new method.But if they were to start outwardly profiling, what makes you think terrorists wouldn’t find a way to sneak deadly weapons onto passenger planes via Amish grandmothers?

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  43. And you’re coming irritatingly close to violating the comments policy, Sascha.Referring to other commenters’ criticisms as “whining” is SERIOUSLY inappropriate. Having a WOC protagonist in a side story game is a pretty big step forward, but it is a step nonetheless. No one is required to fawn over Ubisoft for doing less than what should be standard. No one should be shamed for expecting more from the game industry–it’s why we’re all here. If you’re going to comment here, you need to respect the reactions of the other commenters.

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  47. Bobby, so many icons there. I admire you that you can work like that. LOL Thanks for tagging. I’m so lucky to receive this same meme thrice on the same day. How cool huh?

  48. It looks to me from skimming over this post that this new book does not even bother to acknowledge the various Australian accents that developed within migrant communities.You do realise that we are Australian citizens?Again, we are invisible to the mainstream unless they want a souvlaki.

  49. G: Your comment is definitely an encouragement. And yes … I loved the cards that you and Arooma made .. one of the few best implementations of the project. You are most welcome …

  50. My prediction: the session will not happenThe potential for embarassment of the clueless Senators is huge, the potential to land meaningful blows on S&P in an open session in which they are allowed to respond is miniscule. Some bright 23 year old staffers will lock up the liquor cabinet and explanin this to the idiots.

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  52. Erm… that would be a little difficult, seeing as the first Gundam series pre-dates Golion (the Japanese original version of this) by two years. I would suggest to you Gundam Wing owes rather more to that than this.(The original Mobile Suit Gundam is also available on Youtube freely and legally.)

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  54. A buddy of mine was a bassoon player, and so this show, although dated, became a classic for my friends and I sometime in late high school. Junior year at BYU we were friends with an apartment of girls, one of whom was engaged to a guy who worked at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo. We convinced the engaged guy to let us watch this in a small theater inside the studio. It was awesome.

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  63. Well I never would’ve pegged Traverse City, MI as a great place to holiday, but you’ve certainly changed my mind! Maybe after visiting home (Milwaukee) some time, we can jaunt over to TC before heading back south. Oh and the Bill Murray bit will definitely sway my fiancée — Groundhog Day is one of his favorite movies.Cheers,*Heather*

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  242. 152“Emerging Church”?Really interesting post from Dan Kimball on the origins of the phrase “Emerging Church” I personally thought it sounded cool and somewhat Indiana Jones-like saying you were “advanced scouts for the emerging church”. Kind of like we were were explorers44

  243. he was relying on the “highly documented and highly disturbing” stories he heard at a Detroit conference funded by Jane Fonda. The Naval Investigative Service later found that some of the most grisly testimony there was given by false witnesses.This is incorrect. The Naval Investigative Service tried to interview some of the witnesses and they declined. This proves nothing.As for Al Hubbard, he never testified before Congress. He didn’t even testify for the Winter Soldier Investigation (but he was on a steering committee).

  244. 백희나 선생님께,안녕하세요.저는 7살 윤지원 입니다.구름빵책을 너무 좋아했는데,며칠전에 선물로 달샤베트 책을 받아서 읽어보았습니다.너무너무 재미있었습니다.너무너무 좋아요.감사합니다.