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  2. She’s the type of person who would have had no problem sending typhoid smeared blankets to Native American families awaiting deportation to reservations.Huh?Sort of blurring the narrative and distorting facts.Wasn’t it smallpox?Wasn’t the germ theory of disease discovered a few hundred years after the alleged act of biological warfare was perpetrated?Weren’t Indian reservations also a couple hundred years after the “invasion?”

  3. Hi kgrafix, You have a good strategy–don’t get too emotional over your followers. Once I realized that I don’t have to follow everyone who follows me, I felt better about blogging. Less stressed, less overwhelmed. And when we can find a community of bloggers who all share similar interests and concerns, then I feel less pressure to ‘perform’ so to speak.I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog. I apologize for replying so late to your comment. Thanks for swinging by.

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  17. There were several Hebrew Temples as we can learn from the many admonitions to have only one found in the Bible. King Josia's Reform. The Samaritans had their Holy Mountain, there was one in Egypt, even, destroyed in one of the first Pogroms, in 300 something BC. In the Elefantine Temple there were indeed statues, of God and Godess.

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  21. It’s not “elitist” to point out that much of Appalachia isn’t served by major newspapers, that they are far less “connected” to the internet than most of the rest of the Union – that they are, in fact, still living in the information era in which the Clintons excelled.Sebelius is virtually a lead-pipe cinch for VP this year, and will deliver women big. That won’t be a problem. This is going to be another “NASCAR dads” election in the general.

  22. Skyrim has quickly become one of my favorite games. I have played the Elder Scrolls series for a while (although I have yet to actually finish a game). Currently, I am stuck on the section where you have to eavesdrop on the guards in the sewers. They always kill me, even if I’m super quiet and don’t move. GRRRR!

  23. holly fisher July 14, 2011 – 1:23 pm Bob….you are WRONG!!! The President Johnson you are referring to was Andrew Johnson, the successor to Lincoln. However, this President Johnson that is referred to as signing into law the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 is Lyndon B. Johnson, successor to Kennedy, You were partially right….just check YOUR historic timeline-next time.

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  29. You are one lucky gal! That closet is amazing! And I love your shoe collection. When I moved I attempted counting and I lost count at 60. Bags? I probably have about 25-30 purses. I just cant donate, consign or throw them away!! Oh my God! I'm a HOARDER!! hahahawww.temporarynest.com

  30. An IT guy set up my Outlook 2010 to work with gmail but I have two unresolved issues to date: 1) I can only view and work with Sent Items in gmail. I want them in Outlook. 2) I can’t figure out how to put a date and time reminder on an email like I could in the prior versions.

  31. Kirsten, I cut out the holes in the shapes with an X-Acto knife and trimmed the outer edges with a scissors.Christi, you can use colored pencils or Sharpies if you rough up the surface with sandpaper (or Shrinky Dink makes a type that comes pre-roughed up.) I've used Sharpies before and found that if I colored both sides, the side lying on the cardboard left some color behind. And it scratched off pretty easily. Haven't tried colored pencils. Any color you apply will become twice as dark during baking, so keep that in mind.

  32. It would be good if someone introduced Zeman to Wittaker Chambers, who stated that there is no important difference between a liberal, a socialist, and a communist–because this was a continuum in which one led to the other. If there is no distinction between a communist and an Islamist, there is no important distinction between a leftist and an Islamist.The Czechs can do better than that, and do.

  33. You know, I rather like your eords-only mockup!But then, if I think about covers that really say ‘read me!’, I think of going through the library looking for the yellow Gollancz covers: some of them were SF and some of them were crime, and I read both! (But that’s as much about trusting a particular publisher…)

  34. Given that Statement Piece #4 was chosen I would go with Option #5 for the flowers…. I do love Option #3 though… very modern.Thanks for letting us put our 2 cents in!Have a fabulous day!

  35. Caring and being with you tomorrow, as always… Your friends here and IRL are here ..take the outstretched hand, and hold it. Much strength to you & hope, love and peace ..as it will come. Denyse xx

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  45. Oh Gina, again — you make my heart smile! Thank you! Yes, it seems like you too are called to offer the words to the world that are spoken within you from the divine. Yes, truly a calling. So I follow. Love to you, Lisa

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  48. I plan on voting for Welch because I believe Colapietro is a union pawn and Colapietro's position on many issues are too liberal and have caused damage to the state of Connecticut.However in regards to politics I don't see why it's in bad taste to bring up the fact that Welch is new to Bristol and that his kids do not attend Bristol public schools. Calling him a "carpetbagger" is of course in bad taste but what can you expect from the Bristol Democrats anyway? They have little class or taste especilly when it's the zealot, Ellen, calling the shots

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  51. Szpork, do you know how idiotic you sound? Schools have always shown the inaugurations and now you want to complain because your child’s school had the audacity to do what they’ve probably done every 4 years of their existence…oh wait…something’s different this time…wait…what is it…trying to put my finger on what’s so offensive to you about THIS inauguration…..hmmmm…what could it be…..

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  53. Your Motown tidbits leave me intrigued. Why did he prefer the one song over the other I wonder? Was he losing his touch and thinking “Reach Out” was a more likely #1? Or did he have some other ulterior motive? Hmmm…. Regardless, I agree that this song has been (or should have been) featured prominently in television show and films accompanying montages of hope and reconciliation.I look forward to discovering your next theme (and not only because it will mean another weekend has arrived

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  55. Methinks the anonymous commenter above is trying to confuse things. First, the latest anonymous comments seem quite off the point of what I wrote on the blog.Second, the commenter’s latest argument was of the straw-man variety. I originally argued that the Dartmouth board has “obligations” to its alumni, by which I meant “responsibilities” not to cheapen the value of their degrees by not forsaking the institution’s fundamental academic mission. I was not talking about “legal obligations.”

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  61. Surprising thing about male characters being more convincing .. i have noticed that women authors do a good job of women characters compared to male characters in a book.. but then this could be an exaggeration considering the fact that i have been reading chicklits mostly for the past few weeks.

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  65. The “wouldn’t it be better” query reminds me of Hebrews (12, I believe). “The Lord loves whom He chastises.” He wants us to turn back to Him and the world/our country is sooooo far from Him thanks to those who make ungodly rulings. Seems to me that humans are missing many of the occurrences or ways the Lord is calling to us.

  66. Newt’s “big ideas” are basically wingnut madlibs – “Gay and Secular Fascism,” “Islamic Atheist Socialism”. They don’t have to make a logical sense, they just have to tickle the scared parts of his followers’ brains. I would love to see Obama tear apart Newt’s apocalyptic shtick and show it up for the flaccid nonsense it is.

  67. I thought the SS# originally belonged to Harrison J. Bounel, who used to be a boarder in the home of Michelle Robinson Obama when she was a child in Chicago. It was originally reported that he might have been a distant family member. After he died an old man in the late 70's, O'Bammy took over the SS# a few years later. I assumed the hand of Bill Ayers was in the mix at the time.

  68. L’objet de l’illustration m’a intrigué : c’est un aquamanile du sud des Pays-Bas, vers 1400 (objet contenant de l’eau, et destiné au lavage des mains). Il y a un robinet sous la barbe d’Aristote. Ce qui m’étonne c’est que sur cette photo il brille alors que sur les autres sites le montrant il est dans sa patine, plus terne ; qui donc s’est permis d’astiquer Aristote ?

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  72. Wonderfully insightful as always! Completely by accident, since I’m an indie newbie, I picked up my WIP whilst publishing my first book a couple of weeks ago. I was about half way through the storyline, and today I plan to finish. By throwing myself into my WIP baby, I was able to let go of my first.

  73. Hey friend, long time…..thank you for congratulations! We did not request Kosher food so we didn’t get it….though I was bold enough to ask for dark dark dark chocolate and what they created was just magnificent! … And so much of it that I shared half with one of the SVPs

  74. Jaycee, AphroditeNo, I won’t.IdemiliThanks…Favoured GirlI gave him a scolding the next time he went into my things without permission. Sulked for a while, but things seem to be fine. I’ll handle the food issues this week.LOASCMI’ve been doing fine .UzeziUpdated.TaureanminxI’m aware of that. The last line was supposed to refer to my version of ‘nice.’

  75. here, “listen to the people you vibe with and then decide for yourself with your own testing. Since I didn't invent Twitter, I don't say how to use it…”I didn't invent Twitter, so I'm certainly not telling anyone how to use it, but I am making clear my preferences. You can use it how you want. And so will I. Ain't social media grand? (PS I absolutely wasn't dumping on Twitter – I love it, and have done since I started using it in 2006. It's an integral part of my online life now, which is all the more reason for me to want to make it a pleasurable experience, and not an irritant)

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  85. I am talking about attempts by the LDS church To make part of its Theology into LAW , and therefore binding on all citizens. They are going much further than simply “condemning”. The fact of “free speech” is not relevant to what I’m saying.

  86. Mike, great post. I can’t really add a useful comment. I’ve been high on Perlstein since I read Before the Storm back in ’04. Great book. Nixonland is in my queue of books to read.

  87. The Pipsqueek yarns looks Fab! Crocheting for Babies is my passion. Thank goodness I have 2 Grandaughters! I would love to win the pattern book and Yarn. Bernat has so many cute baby and children patterns to choose from. It isn’t unusual for me to have 4 different projects going at the same time.

  88. It’s all in the tone and voice.I’ve read many, many difficult books (ask me for my Rwanda list sometime), and I can handle it if my protagonist has at least a few redeeming features. (But maybe not, my favorite character in The Book Thief was Death–probably because he was so sly and cynical), but I need to not feel like I was wasting my time. I want to learn something from a book, or at least take away fresh insight when I’m done.Thanks for commenting and tweeting.

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  92. It seems like Katie and I are often drawn to the same lines. This one struck me as an affirmation that all the kids you worked with and all the kids any of us ever were needed to hear and incorporate into our beings. I also love the hope and potential shown when you talk about this was my past but need not be my future.Such courage! You are made of tough stuff! May 2012 bring you joy and peace.

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  106. frankly, both films frighten me to death. i’ll disagree with anon#1 in that i don’t think taste is an issue. anyone behaving oddly when you’re stuck in a london tube earns suspicion, whatever their circumstances. nervous laughter would be the most obvious reaction.and as for the second film, that’s one scary little object. i’m still suffering from the heeby jeebies after lurching behind the sofa at doctor who’s vampire statues.

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  156. Erica Winn / In my HS days, community service was just that, a service for your community. Didn't matter if it took place via a church-organized event or not. If it hadn't been for my church-related service hours, I never would have made it out of HS. Thank God for church activities, imho.

  157. I only give my handmade cards to my family and friends who appreciate them. The best compliment I ever received was when a dear friend told me she saves every card and calendar I’ve ever given her and has a special box labeled “Victoria’s Creations.” I feel so happy knowing my creations are treasured and that they bring others so much pleasure.

  158. You are right Holly. It is not enough, however, every little bit of compassion and respect and awareness is worth it! Once people realize that we are not above one another will this world really be free from oppression, violence and maliciousness. One person at a time, one lesson at a time. But, being one to live in peace and know you are not knowingly contributing to those things, you will attract people and they will pay attention to your lifestyle and energy. Keep up your vows and continue to improve our world!

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  161. assalamalaykoum sidi !Barak Allahu fik pour tes conseils en or ! Je voulais savoir ce que tu pensais des vaccins, contre la grippe par exemple, parce que tous les ans, les autorités nous bombardent avec leur campagne de prévention…Jazzak Allahu khayran pour ta réponse !

  162. Hi Pamela- found you through the Monday link up. I did have a great Sunday, thanks for asking 😉 Glad to hear you did too. Ha ha "Let their be Moe's" that made me laugh for two reasons, one because I could say that about an Italian restaurant here called Frankies, and two because my hubbies name is Moses aka Mo 😉 Anyway happy to meet you and read more here. Happy Monday ;)!!

  163. A wise man (totally different that a “wise guy”) once told me that success is not there for the gifted, it’s there for the stubborn and those who persevere despite failure and set backs. Want it and work hard at it. Love the tip about reading magazines. “You need to read to write, and if you are going to shoot for the print world, you need to read magazines.” Smart and oh so true.

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  253. Chiedo scusa per l’evocazione del tribunale.Le posso però assicurare che si è solo trattato di una metafora come un’altra, solo per metterla un po’ sul paradossale.Di sicuro non c’era nessun retro-pensiero o qualsiasi altra cosa che volesse in qualche modo sconvolgerla o, peggio ancora, offenderla.Per cui, le rinnovo le mie scuse; ribandendo al tempo stesso che non c’era alcuna “cattiveria”.Sul merito della sua risposta (comunque convincente e condivisibile in molti punti) magari torno più tardi.

  254. teachers will have to continue submitting HIV tests, which counters what the KT said today. Which makes me wonder if I was right about the lack of an official statement about thesupposed lifting of the HIV test regulation.Darth Babaganoosh:He's apparently still sending emails to some people, but not bothering to let on what the focus of the article is.

  255. Its called SBOBET, Ive read a little bit of it at wikipedia since they didnt tell anything about their company, since its about gambling, many rich people are involved, you think its safe to work here?? If i quit i feel im gonna get killed O_O btw im in customer service

  256. Der findes ganske rigtigt en “malle-mus” ogsÃ¥, en meget simpel tegnefilm/bøger, hvor de mindste lærer farver osv.Dette her er en gammel bog, der fortæller om kredsløb og død -Tvivler pÃ¥ man kender den, hvis man er yngre end mig?