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  1. Mary, oh, your cake is lovely! I'd LOVE to make it, and eat it all, but boohoo, I'm on weight wahectrs and the butter will ruin my diet! Oh, so sad! Happy Pink Saturday to you though! Suzie

  2. This is very sad. Check out this verse in the bible:He answered, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”Luke 11:28If you reckon that the Bible is just a “history” of what God has done then you must believe that Jesus said this verse, right? This is a commandment to follow God’s word.If you don’t believe in the Bible, how do you know that God exists? How do you know if Jesus exists? For all we know, without the Bible, God doesn’t exist.

  3. ChtÄ›lo by to jeÅ¡tÄ› doplnit o citaci o jaderných elektrárnách. Mluvčí MŽP prohlásil, že už nebudou bránit jejich výstavbÄ›.Takže už zbývá jen prolomit limity pro těžbu uhlí…Jen by mÄ› zajímalo, jak se bude tyrkysová ODS B jmenovat v příštích volbách.I když:ODS A – pro tvrdé fanatické jádroODS B – SSO ODS C – LibertasODS D – KDUODS E – ???ProstÄ› jídelníček pro fajnÅ¡mekry…

  4. certain Middle Eastern norms. Additionally, to clarify, I personally do use a gym regularly, for the reasons stated above but I personally don’t wear a “muscle shirt.” I actually find them uncomfortable, and generally wear a regular old T-shirt, and some baggier shorts that I prefer because they have pockets….

  5. I am seeing similar issues with some customer accounts.Most notable with ecommerce sites that get a lot of traffic from Google organic and Google product search.Traffic up nearly 50%, Bounce rate up, Time on site down and percentage of new visitors down too.Would like to hear from Google whether there is a bug in the new GA, or whether the new figures simply reflect a better defined reality.

  6. to be the solution to breaking up high concentrations of poverty and helping poor kids get a leg up in better schools, safer communities. Of course it has had the exact opposite effect and sometimes I wonder if that was the original intent and not just an accident.

  7. mar21 e pensa che c’è qualache pazzo che alle 3 del mattino legge questo post, in preda ai fumi dell’alcool…Più responsabilità ragazzo!la prossima volta se fossi inscimmiato male e avessi l’ormone impazzito potrei cercare gli annunci e mi farei spedire un paio di mutande zozze!Ahahahah!!Pagherei per aver degli ubriachi che mi scrivono…Una serata ben spesa…A presto Clockwise…Domani mattina appena sveglio negherò di aver scrito questo post.Anche se l’evidenza mi incastrerà…DMC

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  9. *This must be done!* I want to see a poorly thought out version of this device implemented, to be the bane of over-enthusiastic sports fans everywhere.Word Verfication – meatua. There's a joke in there somewhere, but reaching around to find it might be unwise.

  10. Hi Matt,What an incredible experience/review of the Chillhouse. I’ve been there twice now and have started helping them out with their social media presence. After reading your review I just want to jump on a plane and go back!Peace and Love,Zach

  11. In Mark 7:1-5 we see that the Pharisees are pretty consistent in there views of spiritual things. They are obsessed with things that only puts people in a box…no where to go. Thank God that Jesus is also consistent in his response to the Pharisees in Mark 7:6-9 that there ways are futile and their focus does not bring life. Jesus then in Mark 7:14-23 gives a clear teaching (and warning ) that it is not the exterior things that defile us but those things deep within the heart that are evil that defile us sooner or later.

  12. Hi Allena,It´s cool to see you both had fun together…keeping the family/friendship bonds despite busy schedules. Passing by to keep in touch and wish you a awesome weekend :)Lately it´s been hectic here on my end.Hugs,Mizé

  13. for me it’s not about the stucture of the blogs you do blair, it’s your amazing ability to find so many stylish things that’s so unique 😉 , random as they are (i’m guilty of that too!), who wouldn’t love a collection of beautiful posts? i alwasy love posts on fashion, style and rooms so wouldn’t say no to more of them!

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  15. 給吉祥物:一、少在那邊偷換概念,我指的「科學研究成果」是您的「è«–è¿°1.依照科學的研究成果,"科學真理"無法以邏輯的方式證明或否定。」裡面的科學研究成果,到底是依照哪裡來的研究成果?這個「科學研究成果」啥時又說了「科學真理」?二、當然,嬰兒不知道「世界」存在啊,一個外果仁很可能也不知道「世界」存在,只知道「World」三、那些人怎麼說關我什麼事?說過了訴諸權威不可取,論證本身的合理性才是我們要追求的啊!還是說你是幼稚園的小朋友,只要「老師說(愛因斯坦說)」就算數,不思考?如果今天愛因斯坦說紅樓夢是吳承恩寫的?

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  17. Arash, I second Daniel's remark about the uncertain, but likely rather low, percentage and effectiveness of a secular Iranian opposition. One aspect of the 'Green Revolution' that I can't dismiss is its self-chosen color of green. And the fact that the rebelling youths kept chanting 'Allahu Akbar' on the rooftops to each other for keeping the spirit alive. I'd like to know your take on how this fits into the notion that these opposition groups are mainly secular.

  18. Congrats to Luda and Laren. Everything about your special day was awesome. The photos of your wedding are wonderful. Good luck in S.Cal. May God Bless you both. Please keep in touch.

  19. Imponerende. Liksom litt mer shwung over denne enn over Tomastoget som kjører rundt i gatene her i byen i turistsesongen. Herlog også å se hva dugnad og idealisme kan avstedkomme av resultater. Et kjempeflott v-innlegg. :)

  20. I love how the strap on her tee is twisted…sexy as hell!!! like she had to get dressed in a hurry on some “baby you gonna make me late for work, I told you we ain’t have time for another round.” haha!LAWD © playboy tre

  21. Hey El Chavo!Im suprised you ventured so far north into the “valley of York” you are pressing your luck venturing into my neighborhood disclosing all of my secret spots! Im glad you enjoyed some of the “north of york” cusine. Oh well we are also suffering a loss over here, just like you lost your “vons” we lost “pic n save…opps I mean Big Lots”

  22. Το έχασε το παιχνίδι ο Αντωνάκης…. ‘Οσο για το με τι ασχολείται ο άλλος ο χοντρός αυτό είναι γνωστό….με κομμουνιστές…….φασίστες……και μαλάκες……Φτιάχνεται η χοντρή με το να παριστάνει τον καμπόσο…..Πάντως είναι καλή ιδέα όταν θα γίνει η δίκη του ( αν προλάβει να γίνει δίκη φυσικά) και η απόφαση είναι να τον κρεμάσουν στο Σύνταγμα…..……. να τον ντύσουν Μαρία Αντουανέτα….

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  24. Dantes, you seem to indicate that a violent, unannounced and unwarned police invasion of your home is justified “no matter how little or big” the crime. Do I have you right? And, follow me here, let’s say the police invade your home, or your child’s home, for a minor offense that is both non-violent and victimless, are you going to be singing the same tune then?I doubt it.

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  26. There are some side effects that they say can happen like joint pain, depression, and liver problems so you do have to have monthly blood tests and if you are female be on birth control. Our only side effects were dry dry dry everything. As soon as I stopped taking it the dryness went away but I wasn’t as oily as before. A few months of that was worth all the years of self confidence I gained.

  27. “This conflict is the bone in the throat of the world. It’s not the biggest thing, but it’s the most immediate thing, and it could kill you. You can’t deal with the cancer and the other diseases till you deal with the bone in your throat.”So what’s more important than getting that bone out? American Jewish identity?

  28. Perkins spoke tonight in Memphis at an event at Bellevue Baptist Church. I jokingly live-blogged it from the future using my truly heinous psychic powers, because I knew exactly what was going to happen at that

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  30. Pasqua,O Poço volta de viagem dia 26/02, junto com com vc, hahaha.O CicloBR deve fazer a Rua Viva com o Gol de Letra dia 26 também, até às 15h00. O que você acha da gente unir tudo? Ou fica uma bagunça?Acho que você deveria chegar num domingão.PS.: Não estou fugindo, é que conheço esse morro e ele deve ser encarado de 5 em 5 anos, rsrs!Abraços,

  31. It will be interesting to see if the MSM are brave enough to show footage of the burning of the Koran on TV and if pictures of the incident will be published in the papers. Or if they’ll simply chicken out and refuse to have anything to with it to prevent offending the Muslims community and become the target of their uncontrollable rage as was the case with the Motoons.

  32. seño este trabajo esta muy interesante ya que demuestra las distintas formas interpretativas ala hora de mezclar lo que es la filosofia con los avances tecnologicos estableciendo asi como concepcionb que la filoque la filosofia es l estudio de la esencia la percepcion y los distintos planteamiento intelectuales que estable el ser humano en su que hacer social e intelectual bueno la 1 pregunta me parece que las dos imagenes establece lo que nosotros llamamos esencia y percepcion de la belleza atraves de distintos conceptos y percepciones untelectuales

  33. wuuteng dit :luffy_13, en tout cas, j’ai vu qu’il y aura pas de scan pendant 2 semaines après celui de cette semaine donc le prochain est le 12 janvier 2012. Il faut voir si c’est vrai ou pas. wow !! j’ai hâte qu’ils rentrent enfin dans le nouveau monde. ça bougera enfin.

  34. I so enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Glad you had a nice trip! Love those aerial views! So wonderful to see your friend MaryJane. I would just love to meet my blogging friends someday! Love that patio planter and veggies! A great idea for a mobile home dweller with no space!Those peaches and apples are beautiful! It’s great to grow your own fruit! Be blessed , have a sweet summer, and a super great 4th of July with your family!

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  36. Hi all, new to banjo (and here) but been playing guitar for the last 20 years (admittedly quite badly, but i get by). I have various guitars from teles to les pauls and 12 string acoustics. Now i own a banjo as well….only trouble im having is finding a local teacher to point me in the right direction. Living in Fife, Scotland and i cant find anyone nearby.Can anyone help?thanks guys

  37. Youtube has been a great transitional force in networking to ensure income for the many people that had become financially displaced due to this new world order economy that's robbing us of our jobs and homes. Thanks, one door closes and another opens 😉

  38. Marcos disse:Desde que a VW se instalou no Brasil e começou a produzir o Fusca, lá na década de 50 do século passado, a coisa parece que não saiu do lugar.E tem gente que acha o máximo!!!

  39. noooo, la cocina precisamente por el uso que se le da (al final pasamos un montón de tiempo en ella y no sólo cocinando) debería tener el "algo más" en un montón de detalles.. para mí, lo mejor de esta es ese espacio debajo de la ventana (perfectamente podría ser la tuya)… me encanta! besos

  40. CG sind die wichtigste Band? Es gibt in Rhein/Main noch ne Menge musikalische Perlen ( Sushimob, Ingrate, Big Heat, Crowdpleaser ….). Ich vermute mal, dass ein zweiter Teil irgendwann kommt. Zu bedenken ist da eins: Einen Sampler mit 100 Bands (ist im MP3-Format nun mal kein Problem) hört sich niemand komplett an. Da ist es doch besser in gewissen Zeitabständen ne ganze ampler-Reihe daraus zu machen.

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  42. Grazie delle osservazioni, Paolo.Io ho cercato di riportare in vita la scena con i colori accesi così come lo erano dal vivo e di dare una mia interpretazione. Puoi provare a scaricare il file .zip con i livelli e postare una tua versione, magari riducendo l’opacità del livello moltiplicato con il cielo e cambiare la saturazione, o cercando “solo” di raddrizzare il palazzo. Sperimentate, sperimentate…

  43. Panda is a filter and cannot be thrown out. The fall in quality of Google after panda is not due to panda update, but because panda kicked out so many websites and webpages that to fill that gap google made tons of changes to its algorithms producing bad quality results. And with an ever increasing load of automation, the most of Google's algorithms are working against each other – a bad design indeed.

  44. Kim, your fairy is to darn cute. I can't wait to make her for someone special. My friend love fairies, so she will be the one I make it for. Your the queen of punches.

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  46. Some of this is quite true. Nevertheless, I think it is time for you to recover now. Life goes on; don't let it get you down. Find something constructive to write about instead of crying in your $150,000 beer. At least we still live in a free nation where your self-destructive opinions are not censored. I do look forward, Mr. Knish, to brighter perspectives from you ahead when you get over this admittedly terrible shock. Have a nice day! in spite of it all

  47. different when your father is a real neanderthal! LOLI am one of 4 daughters and my father is remarried and now has 4 stepdaughters too. My stepmother says there was one time she wanted to bash him over the head, her youngest was going to university for a degree in English and he said he couldn’t see her being a teacher so she should change majors. In my fathers mind there are few jobs for women, wife and mother, teacher, nurse, and secretary. My stepsister didn’t listen to him and now she is an editor in NYC.

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  53. For these people is difficult, too, but youth unemployment is much bigger and people that want to give their greatest years in production can’t do it! They stay with their parents. From a research i read that the graduated that received their degrees in years of high unempolyment were in worse situation than in good times for their whole working lives! Young people also start their lives without a house to live or something to own. They are Europe’s future and we have to care about our future!

  54. I miss stormy cold weather for that reason. There is rarely a day here when I want to turn on the oven and cook the comfort foods of my childhood, and remember the cold rainy Sundays with my father cooking and baking away. Those are good memories I am thankful for. Your post made me recall them.

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  57. rebelliousvanilla, I know your question is directed at kleinverzt but let me also respond to this important question.Racism and the notion of collective guilt are some of the most destructive forces of the human spirit, while fighting the totalitarian ideology of Islam is, I fervently believe, the greatest humanist challenge of our time.The Left wants, for their own debased political ends, to desperately link the fight against Islam with racism when it is in fact diametrically opposite.

  58. Sarah – As I follow the adventure of my niece Sarah Duff + the Ocean Angels as they maintain their lead in the 2009 Indian Ocean Rowing Race – when I heard about your solo crossing. I find it incredible that someone should row across so much ocean – but to do it alone – mind-blowing !! More power to you – may the currents assist you in your endeavour !!Good luck and best wishes from Lüneburg, Germany.

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  60. PinkyOZ: The coalition got 44%, not the Liberal party. Even then the “coalition” result probably included the WA Nationals even though they are definitely not part of the coalition. The Gave 30.4% to the Liberal party, 9.13 to the LNP, 3.73% to the Nats and 2.52 to independents.Even if you include the old Liberal component from the LNP, the Liberal party would have got less primary votes than Labor compared with the combined Greens/Labor party primary vote of 49.75.

  61. Cute story! I met Keanu Reeves once. I also met Joey Lawrence back in the "Blossom" days. Keanu was much nicer.I entered on the rafflecopter with my Facebook username (Mary Happymommy) and I now follow you in GFC (Mami2jcn).

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  68. Kris:你的意思是說,假如去除「準備大考」幾個字,某甲對老師的批評就完全中肯?如果老師向學生說「你們要多看考古題,把常考的題目與觀念讀熟,不常考的題目和觀念放棄也無所謂」,某甲就可以批評:「學生應該做的是把學問讀通,而不是應付考試。就是有這種鼓勵學生打混的老師,才會造成學生普遍平時懶惰、考前虛應故事,有考有唸、沒考不唸……」?

  69. Off-topic, but since HW is on this thread: it would be good to ditch that insipid, bucolic pic at the top of the new site-format. Happens to be the same one I had on my site, and I got rid of it for something more appropriate; let’s get back to the Alamo.

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