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  1. Maju, did you notice that Finns actually deviate strongly to Central Europe from the south-notrh axis? Without this deviation Estonians and Finns would be in straight line with the others. This seeem to be German influence, which also have seen by phieglooils. Latvians and Lithuanians have less this effect than Estonians and Western Finns. This is only a historical point of view.

  2. At my company we ordered 180 server care licenses and got a pallet with 180 boxes. Each box contained an envelope (and filler to protect it) and each envelope contained a sheet of paper and a cd-rom. The cd-rom contained only a pdf on how to contact them. Sounds just like HP loves matroskas!That was really a waste of resources!!

  3. É deprimente ver um texto desse escrito para ser discurso de um presidente da república. Isso lá é discurso de quem quer que seja? Uma coisa primaríssima, além de irreal. Quem escreve essas bravatas para o apedeuta cuspir para a platéia de analfabetos é tão nojento quanto ele. Capta direitinho a mente confusa e tresloucada do Napoleão de Hospício saído de Garanhus.

  4. , lots of families did that. It really is a life skill that is being lost, and I guess computerized engines is why.Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way. Did you see in the comments section, someone who used to dance on American Bandstand wrote a comment? Wonder how he found my blog?

  5. Good point Howard. Almost every network merektar starting out kind of likes to stay in their comfort zone. Believing in new things is necessary in business. What a person has been listening to over and over again is what their beliefs are today but it can be changed. We can leave the past beliefs that were programed in us and realize that they are part of the past and then we can branch out. Thanks fro bringing this to light Howard.

  6. Regina – Methinks that Obama’s first few days as the nominee have gone well. I think the brotha is gonna do this thing!Lady D – I agree. We need to donate time, money, energy and prayers to Obama for the journey over the next five months…Gerri – Amen!

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  8. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  9. Good advice. And even when the prospective client is fearful, giving them space is essential. In that case, give them space to experience and acknowledge their fears before going into the costs of not acting.@Hattie: Your extension of the metaphor rings true! And I love that you made a mistake to match the many mistakes I made. And that you came back to illustrate the value of the metaphor!

  10. Okullarla ilgili bir projeniz vardı,ın açılacağı 17 Eylül Pazartesiye yaklaşık 1 ay kaldı.Bununla ilgili bir gelişme var mı?Destek olmak isteyenler belirlendi mi?Bayram sonrası evlatlarımız için okul hazırlıkları da başlayacaktır.Ayakkabı, forma,çanta vs ihtiyaçlarının okul açılmadan sağlanması gerekecek.

  11. vet du hva? av alle oversminka, boblelevende motebloggere, skiller du deg uten tvil ut. du er gjennomført, bevisst og kunnskapsrik(på flere områder, ikke bare mote). jeg blir imponert, og du er absolutt min favoritt blogger. blogging har fått en tendens til å bare handle om penger og utseende, din blogg derimot handler om mote på en fornuftig måte, der det ikke kun handler om trender og merkeklær, men lidenskapelig mote. din stil, uavhengig av trender. stå på!

  12. Je sais…Mais reste que l’édifice n’est pas bâti sur des fondations très solides…Et c’était surtout ca mon point…Reglementation ou non…La base du systeme financier c’est ? L’argent…et donc comme tu le dis toi-meme…: »On peut pas éternellement « créer de la richesse » à partir de rien (produits dérivés en cascade…). Le gros du cash mondial, c’est du vent…. »

  13. Hi Lewis, They look delicious – well done! I find that the foot of the macaron is mainly effected by the oven temperature and over-mixing. So there are two possibilities – one is that the second batch had slightly more mixing as it was in the piping bag for longer. The other more likely explanation is that when you took the first tray out and put the second in the oven temperature dropped. Try heating the oven to 180 deg C and then lowering to 150 when you put the tray in.

  14. i have asthma and i havent problem with breath but im still coughing and its diffuclt for me i use inhaler and i dontt see that its useful but theres problem that doctors prescribe me antibiotics and i read that is reduce imnuniti and cause new alergens PLS HELP IF U HAVE ASTHMA AND YOU COUCH

  15. Moja kochana Oluniu Mukolinko z Opola Chcę Tobie podziękować też za kartkę którą do mnie przysłałaś Ciekawe czy kiedyś odwiedzę Opole z którego przysłałaś mi pocztówkę a gdzie mieszkasz Tam widzę całkiem ładnie jest Oluniu dziękuję

  16. anonymní – ragoavt již na Vám nebudu, protože se neumíte chovat sluÅ¡nÄ›, toto tedy berte jako mou poslední zprávu Vám. Ačkoliv s nÄ›kterými VaÅ¡imi názory souhlasím,diskutovat s Vámi dále nebudu, právÄ› díky výše zmínÄ›nému. S pozdravem Ahura

  17. What is really frustrating? I got permission from the singer/songwriter and Still You Tube is making me take it down because of WMG… WMG… You fargen bastages… corksuckers, iceholes… I will never put another dime into anything that belongs to you… May all you dreams fall down the tube…

  18. I saw John Waters when I boarded the Ca St Cable mid morning today at Ca at Polk to reverse my direction home. I sat one foot away from him as was standing and leaning against the railing on the outside of the car. I stared and wanted to tell him I attended the same art school he did in Boston and perhaps at,the same time he did. However I just froze and watched him cross,Vanness and walk into Whole Foods, nice to have a totally unexpected surprise today.

  19. Resolved thru a stomach surgery, poor baby girl!She had to get shaved but her hair grew back pretty fast!Snuggler still has a huge appetite, she’s about 36″Long& approx. 15#! In other words, if she is sitting on a stair, shewill take up just about the whole space!She is very stunning valuable “baby girl”,thanks for your comments!

  20. It's not clear from the UN link provided what crops are being plotted. Grain? Annuals only?One anomaly of much of the world — including the Med — is the conversion of forest to annual crops. This can produce an increasing trend line that is, in fact, an overshoot of capacity, since annual crops generally deplete the soil, and highly-mechanized annual crops are more CO2 intensive than the forest and perennial plants they replace.In the Med, 200-year-old olive and cork trees are being pulled up to plant dryland wheat. Not good.

  21. J.J. Muchas Felicidades………………………Yo te estoy siguiendo aproximadamente 3 años y te agradezco por este espacio y a tus historias que me entrenienen y me pierden de las precupaciones, y creo que haz logra mucho mas de los que te imaginas con mantener este blog 7 años. Y se me preguntas hay mas de 12 buenos cuentos………………….sigue adelante..Y nuevamente Felicidades…JJ

  22. Excellent advice. I particularly appreciate #2. It’s an insightful directive at any point, but especially during a supposed recession when people may tend to scale back and hide from their goals until the economy rebounds. One of my greatest challenges, and joys in overcoming such, is helping people (specifically women) see that they can do something great-right now, like you suggested. And who knows…perhaps your doing something great right now can contribute to the recovering health of the economy at large.

  23. Me thinks that's a semi-automatic bug. Not really an iambic key. auto-dots and manual dashes. I haven't been to a fun show in several years. I think it's time to start up again…. esp if there be bugs about….

  24. Mmg penah terkena ni, awal2 xnk ckp bisnes apa, dok pong pang2 tah pape…last2 skali kata zhulian…aduii..heran gak sbb balik keje singgah pasar mlm, sanggup member ni nk jumpa jugak2 (ingtkn rindu kt sy), tgk2 bwk sorg laki (ingtkn laki dia coz x kenal), rupa2nya tukang pong pang2 tu la…erkkk…ngeri dowh. Kata amik produk tu leh jd sihat, abis apa kes bwk keta dlm mengantuk anta ibu mengandung? ngeri2…

  25. I’m not sure I see how a Nintencats game would work. The cat would lie there asleep most of the time, and have a fifty-fifty chance of getting annoyed or purring when you tried to stroke it with the stylus. Maybe drawing circles to turn doorknobs so you can let it in and out, over and over again?(I kid, I kid. I love cats, and my roommate has two, but my study is right by the front door so I get to let the one in and out all the time.)

  26. For normal driving I’m listening to the sub at ~ 87db. When I feel like jamming out in the car, I get up into the ~95 db area. Mind you, this is frequency dependent as the response of the system isn’t flat. To reach 150dB, you have to build a specialized speaker enclosure, then somehow disguise it as a car for the judges and the DOT.

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  29. These headphones are crap. They’re small and uncomfortable. The cheap plastic creaks on your head. My mic blasted static through party chat for no reason. There’s low level buzzing if you put the volume above 30%. The SVM button doesn’t work without static.Cheap plastic shit from Tritton. I’m sending mine back today and I’m planning on getting some higher end Turtle Beach/Tritton headphones. These are far worse than the comparable Turtle Beach X11s. Do yourself a favor and don’t touch them!

  30. Eh, not really. Any time someone compares me to someone else’s writing, it’s flattering as hell, because it means they’re comparing me to a professional writer. That’s the way I see it. One time though, I got a pretty nice review on this MFA writing program’s website, by some professor, and one of the comments was “Oh, okay, so I guess we’re just okay with such a passive first person voice.” I wanted to wedgie the shit out of that guy.

  31. From the HIT proponent above: "but we will all see that singing the praises of HIT pays off"CPOE systems will never pay off. The concept and premise behind the concept are flawed. To go through all of that expense and care disruption, and endangerment with injuries and deaths of patients caused by CPOE devices to correct "handwriting mistakes" is despicable. This is a device better known as a Rube Goldberg.

  32. Var nu bilden än är tagen, sÃ¥ blir man oerhört sugen pÃ¥ att bila till och i vinland.Kan möjligen ha en bröllopsinbjudan i Italien pÃ¥ gÃ¥ng till sommaren. Kan man köra med klimathotet som en förevändning för att fÃ¥ ta bilen istället för flyget? Min fru gÃ¥r givetvis inte pÃ¥ den lätta, men ändÃ¥…För nu känns det viktigare än nÃ¥nsin att fÃ¥ leka Fuglesang.

  33. We’ve been through this before hoppy. You never mentioned the Mufti until after pressed to substantiate your statement, ‘Palestinian support for Hitler’.I’ve included all the links and original quotes because I remember doing that nearly a year ago the last time you had Zionist amnesia.Weasel your way out of this again now as usual. It’s what you did last time as well.

  34. I never think of that as a risk before, but you are correct.Getting outside of the comfort zone always is a risk, but that is what we need to grow.Everything that we do involve a degree of risk. Every second I choose to do one thing, I also choose not to do another (probably more important) things.

  35. Btw, CBo 100×15 = 1500 not 15,000. Which would be really difficult to accumulate for just one point. Here’s MY numbers for more people who are confused…1RM BS = 185185 x 15 = 2775 (This is what I need to accumulate in the back squat for 1 point)185 x 0.8 = 148 (I need to back squat at least this heavy for points to count)I could squat 150x3x5 = 2250. So now I am very close to that back squat point. Maybe Finish it off with some heavy squat singles another day.The math is good, you peeps need to flip your brains on. 😉

  36. just to play devil’s advocate since i find myself agreeing with avi too much lately (and i do have an undergraduate degree is psychology from brandeis, so i’m qualified to make this diagnosis), my observation is that weiss is essentially cultivating the tension between his id and superego in attempt to maintain his (admittedly conflicted) identity, he finds comfort (e.g. his sense of nostalgia here) in the schizoid stressors he manufactures in personal relationships and elsewhere. in other words, he’s fit as a fiddle in relation to the 8 million other new yorkers.

  37. O rany, ja nie powinnam siÄ™ dziÅ› odzywać, zdążyÅ‚am wczeÅ›niej już palnąć jednÄ… gÅ‚upotÄ™ przez co znajoma siÄ™ na mnie "focha", teraz ten schabowy – gÅ‚upio mi 😀 Schabowy też dobry, ale nie cierpiÄ™ jak mi wmawiajÄ… że na niedzielÄ™ to powinno być miÄ™cho, dlatego siÄ™ wyzÅ‚oÅ›liwiam ;)A shakshuka super – uwielbiam takie dania i bÄ™dÄ™ robić jeszcze na pewno z innymi dodatkami :)UÅ›ciski Basia :)

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  40. Så gøy med kjøkkenøy, blir spennende og se når dere er ferdig!Etter en slitsom uke, har jeg endelig overskudd til å besøke deg. Nå skal jeg oppdatere meg på hva du har holdt på med i det siste :)Fabelaktig søndagskveld og fin ukesstart til deg, søteste!Smil&klem

  41. omg really have an overactive imagination!Hahahah it ain’t over till the fat lady kneads- really quite funny!!Shit..Yah can you imagine?I’m think red fishnet stockings me – with pvc boots.My poor mom is displeased at the thought of me spending any of my time doing anything but producing grandkids…never thought the day would come huh.Now that just sounded 80% gross & 20% disgusting.btw..everyone,talk is cheap-someone please design me a logo!

  42. I’m so sorry, Tim.Over the years, your words and pictures broke the barrier of the medium that connects us. Thanks so much for that. Thanks for sharing Rex, and yourself, with us— your Internet contingent of friends. Some might say that I never met Rex in “real” life— but it sure feels real from here.

  43. spotkań często oglądałam przed laty zdjęcia, przeważały te z chrztu, komunii,ślubu i pogrzebu. Pożegnaniem ze zmarłym były fotografie otwartej trumny otoczonej najbliższymi. Zawsze robiły na mnie wrażenie, ale były czymś naturalnym. Nie mam pojęcia, czy dziś ktoś potrzebuje takich pamiątek.

  44. Bin zwar selbst ein Web 2.0 Entwickler, doch so langsam fang ich an, an diesem Modewort und allem was dahinter steck zu zweifeln: Dienste kämpfen um die beste Position – ob bei Google oder Alexa – mit allen Mitteln. 1749 Bokmarks bei anzulegen ist ein Kinderspiel…

  45. mslittaluvsmakeupF25Great video. I loved the tip about the palm versus the top of the hand. Also, I thouhgt I was the only person who didnt like the feel of makeup on my fingers. It just slows me down.Keep doin’ what your doin’!

  46. Tiago Jeronimo disse:Meus achismos? Eu não acho, eu me baseio em fatos divulgados por forças armadas de países democraticos e não por propagandas de regismes como da síria, líbano e afins.Se você acha que defender fatos divulgados por instituições sérias é achismo ou fanboyism e que um link para um site .org é mais confiável eu realmente não tenho mais nada para argumentar com você, pode tirar suas conclusões a vontade.

  47. Maurice Newman was stockbroker before he became chairman of the stock exchange and then the ABC. He also formed the, ironically acronymed, CIS. So no doubt he is highly qualified to make scientific judgments. Just like Andrew Bolt, Imre Salusinszky, Alan Jones, et al. It should be clear that almost all the climate scientists in the world, every scientific organisation and most OECD governments (including Germany), are involved in a Great Big Left Wing Conspiracy to destroy capitalism. It’s as obvious as the sun revolving around the flat earth.

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  49. I’ve actually considered closing my current yahoo e-mail address and starting over (and no more opt-ins). It gets to be one of those things where if I’m not on it every couple of hours then a day or two goes by and it’s too overwhelming to skim and delete everything that has piled up. At this point I resort to delete all and hope there wasn’t anything too important.

  50. 26fMaksan mielelläni korvauksen kopioinnista jos moista suoritan mutta pystyykö arvon taiteilija selostamaan miksi minun pitäisi maksaa taitelijalle siitä että ostan välineen johon pystyn säilömään itse valokuvaamani kuvat ja videot? Oma oikeustajuni kun hankaa todella pahasti vastaan.Ilman kelvollista vastausta siirryn muiden tavoin tilaamaan kaikki kuvaustarvikkeet ulkomaisista verkkokaupoista, valtio menettää siinä arvonlisäverot ja te teidän tukieuronne.

  51. As an alumnus of MIT, I often browse to the website, and lately, I've been quite disturbed to see their main page devoted to "ways to deal with climate change", etc., etc., even though Professor Lindzen of MIT's own Meteorolgy dept. is one of the leading debunkers of the whole AGW myth.Lots of people in lots of places are being payed off in one way or another to keep this scam going.

  52. You might want to explain where Get-ADComputer comes from and what steps you might need to take first before you can even run this command. And to be technically nitpicky what you are really sending is the full distinguished name, not just the OU name. Still, I get where you’re going with this and it certainly demonstrates how you can achieve a lot with a relatively simple command.

  53. " Remember the clowns at wiki listed all sorts of supposed 'good' references for their fraudulent anthropomorphic global climate change crapola… "unlike many sources of info – Wiki discloses when there is conflicts in the info.I know of no other organization that does that.and they represent both views….I know of no other organization that does that …and especially the folks over at Heritage …Wiki is not perfect.. has flaws …but is way ahead of the alternatives unless of course you just want to believe what you want to believe.. and nothing else.

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  56. I was a bit surprised at your rather negative part on Richard Hitchens's passing after having listened to Dennis Prager's, who I consider an outstanding conservative debater and keen defender of Judaism and Israel, praise of the man and having heard the debate on youtube, he had had with Hitchens's back in 2007.

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  58. Bill,This is Bishop Morlino’s second, not third, diocese as ordinary. He was a priest of Kalamazoo, consecrated bishop and appointed bishop of Helena, now bishop of Madison.Being that Helena is a much smaller diocese (about 60k Catholics vs 270k for Madison), it would seem that both were cases of more responsibility given in return for the good work he had done.At 65, I would not be surprised if he ends up getting moved to another, larger see (Denver is open) – unless of course there is more work in Madison that needs to be done.

  59. What? Hollywood finally understands that thw Web is the future of content delivery and still completely fails to realize how to use it? "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." The web is global – the way to use the web is globally.I would have given you money for providing content, Hollywood, but instead you decide that you need to keep to the old ways of thinking about distribution…I say epic fail.

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  68. I’m sorry, I just kept choking down hysterical laughter at the head-in-a-bag bit. He was just so understanding. I just could not find him attractive at all, or maybe 98% of the time, because he was so goddamn creepy. Which is a compliment, I guess.

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