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  1. It gets even crazier than that when you also include the subsidies paid out through access to foreign exchange at preferential rates and which mostly benefit those accessing foreign exchange, not normally the poor.

  2. are you saying that the CIA did not have anything to do with trying to (and successfully) destabilizing a Socialist government hundreds of miles off the coast of A-merry-ca in the mid seventies?" If you are, you wingnuts are even dumber than I thought. BTW, Phillip Agee WAS a CIA agent.

  3. I’ve always liked pink on you! I remember that other one you did last year when you first cut your hair. Haha I feel like such a stalker…Yeah I try to stay away from silicone-based products now because I’m convinced my cleansers don’t remove it well enough. I wonder chemically though what would be the best to remove silicones. I know oil based removers are good for makeup because makeup is oil-based, but I’m sure silicones are different.

  4. That’s what I see happening in most urban centers. There are way too many people who only vaguely understand whence cometh their sustenance. And not just food: the lack (or lessening) of all services will enforce the kinds of austerities that result from the me-first, bread-circuses kind of move we’re seeing are going to make a lot of people very angry.

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  6. I love all these original layouts and their interpretations! Bravo to the ladies for not just being inspired but following through. (I rarely get past the part where I admire a layout and tear the page out “for future scraplifting”, LOL). And Gloria gets extra kudos for the handmade outfits and cute babies

  7. “I AM REDEEMED”. “I am redeemed, I am redeemed, I’m washed in the crimson stream. I am no longer the same, I have been born again.” The heart of the gospel in the first verse… and yet how little these words are used in many churches these days. BUT it is impossible to be a Christian and not be born again! It is impossible to a Christian without being washed in the blood of Christ. Whoever is not is still in sin and condemned to Hell. This should be made into a gospel song/ hymn, and God willing, will. God bless.

  8. –  – you know what’s scary hyung? i was thinking the same thing when i was writing this post especially when commenting about jun young ruk and the asian prince photos. haha. i was seriously thinking, “man~ this is something wiz would write especially the humor and weird photos”. hahahaha.

  9. Well, Danny, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t condemn city councilors for asking for $$$$$$ to reimburse themselves for meals eaten while on city business — though I have to say, being in the private sector, I don’t have to worry about everyone other than the accounts person at my company knowing where and what I like to eat when on the road — I might not turn in meal receipts either myself if I were in this situation. I felt a bit voyeuristic, scrolling through the receipts Brandon’s provided a link to (including actually check! Oh my! Glen’s got a point).

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  11. Second sure cloak iisnt as good as it was in wfc but it still isn’t worthless it can easily be used for a escape even in vehicle mode and is great for sneaking up on ppl or ambushing some one great for offense and defense

  12. Hyvät haastattelut, toimittajat eivät vihanneet Soinia, eikä niillä näyttänyt olevan antipatioita perussuomalaisia kohtaan. Päinvastoin kuin suomalaisilla kanssasisarillaan ja veljillään. Suomessa se on niin vastenmielisen läpinäkyvää. Olisikon siinä kantavana voimana yksinkertaisesti kateus? Tänään muuten oli minun nähdäkseni ensimmäinen julkinen kirjoitus, missä todettiin kunnallisvaalien olleen voitto perussuomalaisille, jopa liiankin suuri, tämä suomenmaassa, Suuressa.


  14. Hezký článek, hlavnÄ› se mi líbí myÅ¡lenka neposuzovat bývalé členy KSÄŒ paušálnÄ›, ale podle toho, kdy do strany vstoupili – kdo tam pÅ™iÅ¡el v roce 1970 by mohl být asi povahovÄ› trochu jiný človÄ›k než ten, kdo do ní vstoupil v roce tÅ™eba 1967, že ano….

  15. *That’d be pasteurized, homogenized cow’s milk. Raw milk, low-temperature pasteurized milk, unhomogenized milk MIGHT be different, I don’t know. Non-cow milk is a little better, and yogurts and cheese aren’t as bad as milk for my mood swing issues, which make me suspect it’s a whey issue instead of a casein one, but who knows? It could be both but the whey is worse or something.

  16. It may not be anthracnose. Being third leaf trees, I doubt that it is a nutrient deficiency. If it is a toxicity, then the amount in the irrigation water is extremely high, or a mis-application was made.Is it possible to send some pictures by email? Try and get a few close ups and a few overview shots. If possible, try and use the macro feature on your camera (usually it is the button with a single flower) to help with focusing on the close-up shots.

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