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  15. [more of the same spoilers] When I wrote that, I had not yet seen that scene with Ves yet. I agree it’s questionable, rape should not be used as a plot like that, esp. with the myterious “she’s lying” afterwards. I hate the “woman pretends to have been raped”-stuff. Do you think it will ever be resolved what really happened? Re. kicking ass, she does get to prove it, but it depends on your choices. On my playthrough, I remained totally unaware of Saskia, for example.

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  52. I absolutely adore this weather-appropriate look, and I'm definitely tucking it into my autumn inspiration folder!And I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. My boss has been out of commission for most of the week with a high fever, and I'm hoping I don't come down with it this weekend.

  53. Gravity's Rainbow is a walk in the park compared to Ulysses, though it still took me the better part of a year to read it. If anybody is keen on tackling Pynchon, I would actually recommend Mason & Dixon, IMHO a far superior book, his best, I think.

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  60. I am a Christian and am pro-life. My husband and I used condoms and spermicide for years with no problems. We chose to prevent fertilization, not to prevent implantation. I have a hard time understanding the “natural” part of Natural Family Planning. How is it natural to deny a woman’s most receptive days towards her husband during her cycle? I don’t think that’s how God planned it… I get frustrated with some in the Christian community who condemn *all* birth control… Thanks for the education lesson on the dangers of IUD’s, Abby.

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