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  5. Barry Camfield (Grooms father) – Thank you so much to all who attended the big day,and a special thank you to those who helped to make it such a great success. The pictures are top notch, and help all those involved re-live that magical day.

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  20. … @EasyEight88If your on about HUD directing Fannie and Freddie to lend to below median income earners (known as Alt A mortgages) from the mid nineties onwards, that wasn’t the cause of the crisis. It played a very small part. Fannie and Freddie never got into subprime, they were legally barred from doing so. Was this answer helpful?

  21. What a wonderful post. I loved reading about how others view their writing lives. I've done DD's hint for several years. My box overflows with ideas written down in other places…bits and pieces of conversations overheard. It's that magical "research" that adds realism to dialogues.

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  197. What a brilliant concept, I know you say you don't usually do follow-ons, but there would be so much mileage that could be gleaned from these skeletons' stories, their lives, deaths etc…Love the last line too. :-)

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