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  1. 20-12-2011 I love making Pampered Chef’s Spritz Cookies:1 1/2 cups butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, 1 t.vanilla, and 3 1/2 cups flour. Cream the butter, add all other ingredients gradually. Roll out, cut into shapes, and bake at 375 degrees for approximately 10 minutes. I also add a layer of thin confectioner’s sugar/milk icing and sprinkles.Thanks for the Italian cookie recipe, Marcia. Copied and in my recipe file already.

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  6. Katie was nominated as —-Mother of the Year——by Wingsforsurvivors.. Congratulations Katie for fighting hard to have your family re-united .You never gave up and we all feel now, that you can start to mend the fences and enjoy your new found emotions of peace and tranquility.

  7. “Do not look back and do not dream about the future either. It will neither give you back the past nor satisfy your other day dreams. Your duty, your destiny are here… now !”This is a hard one to live Robb because we instinctively look back to learn, and look forward to improve. And in doing so, do not do justice to the present.Thanks for your comments. I get a lot of energy and inspiration from your raw energy.Kia kahaBob

  8. John your commitment to god is inspiring! We continue to pray for Molly’s FULL recovery, and have requested prayers from all of our friends and family. Our love to all. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date!

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  15. The grievance is whether 40% or less of theteacher’s performance review is based on student performance. If your job is to teach, then it seems to me ridiculous to think there is a method of evaluation that doesn’t include student performance! You make good points here, but there must be some accountability to educate your students. In your private school example, I assume these teachers must still educate their students and performance is a measure of their success. Just because the students behave, it doesn’t mean the teachers are effective.

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  19. As a contract negotiator, this is an exciting piece to read. The last six years of my life has been dedicated to trying to help two opposing sides see each others’ opinions and understand how to respond to them–even if not accepting them–in ways that allow the two parties to work with each other ongoing. There’s a lot I understand very differently now than at the beginning, with the biggest being that it’s important to be led by objective. My son’s a toddler at the moment, so I’m viewing this piece as an early reminder to my future self on the parent front. Same truth applies.

  20. Marcy, speaking as a parent to a four-legged creature my heart goes out to you. All the moments of shared laughter, caring and caretaking builds a bond that is sad to lose. A card I found years ago at the death of a dear uncle stayed with me. I want to share the words with you now. When love is strong you can still hear the laughter. May the memories of the laughter your beloved cat brought to you balance out the grief at losing him too soon. Thank you for sharing.  

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  23. This is an excellent, well-written article and I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t know if you know this, but Ellyn Satter, MSW, RD, has been teaching this same message for 20+ years now. She has a “how to eat” series that includes a component on “how to eat for emotional reasons” that bascally says the same thing you say here. It totally changed my perspective on eating and taking care of myself. Check out her stuff. Keep up the good work!

  24. I find it hard to get too hot and bothered about E.J. He’s just one of those liberal peri-Vatican II Catholics who thought the Church was going to change a whole lot in their direction and then got disappointed when it didn’t. I agree with Kathleen10 about male feminists, though–what spineless weenies! I’m glad I’m not married to one.

  25. In spite of my apology to Lane Smith I did it again with Mark Teague! I ripped hin so bad that even his goldfish won’t want to have anything to do with him. Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!! I really just wanted to talk about kids books in the abstract.Something about the internet makes people go for the jugular, and it looks like I’m no exception.

  26. sono l anonimo del 3° messaggio. Grazie per la risposta molto educata…Comunque ripeto, usare la parola “coraggioso” per una scelta di un opera o di una mostra, mi sembra decisamente fuoriluogo, che sia su questo blog o su altro sito non importa. Sembra che vi cagate tutti sotto per il nulla, io il termine coraggioso lo uso per altre situazioni. impavido n°3

  27. Julie:Your 13 year old hasn’t asked yet? Can we trade children for a while? Currently, I would like him to go back to Lincoln Logs, preferably the kind he has to whittle out of real trees. That’d keep him busy for a while.LEGOs would work, too.Also, ignorance is excellent. That works for me.Unless he asks. And then it’s full court press honesty.“Yes, honey, your momma was a pole dancer.”

  28. I’m praying for you, Kelsey! I had baby blues pretty bad after my second child was born, and a mild case after my third. Having that support team around you is amazing and does wonders! So happy things are starting to get better for you

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  30. I agree with you William. You are steering the conversation where it needs to go. I wonder if you could further identify those ways where privilege for some affects the underprivileges of others and the types of things that have been done to right the situation in different cultures and communities around the world.

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  35. I must admit I am shocked at those who think CDS is not a form of insurance – at least functionally when it isn’t “naked” – and that banning naked CDS would somehow disrupt the financial markets in any meaningful way or that it would destroy the market for CDS altogether. What did we ever do before this innovation was created by imaginative Wall Street executives who wanted to make a buck?

  36. “I seriously wonder whether the full quota of DS opponents actually know what DS is like”. Oh yes we do – before each referendum we have to have a trial – this time the trial was 3 years of DSL. If the vote is No again, we’ll no doubt have to have another referendum, with a 10 year trial.I just voted NO to DSL and then had to number all the boxes on the Freo by-election ballot paper – it would have been so much more satisfying to have written YES next to the Greens, and then No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No for all the others.

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  39. Thank you for sharing these questions. I’m going through a transition professionally right now and really need to think about these things. I would love to attend a Blog conference at some point. It sounds very informative and super motivating. Thanks for sharing and Happy SITS Day!Nicole recently posted..

  40. “Say what you want about Barrack Hussein Obama; you might not agree with his politics, but I think we would all be pretty shocked if we heard that he ever sold out his elected office for money.”That’s the truth. I’d be surprised if the man even goes so far as to have a Cuban cigar hanging around when he’s in.

  41. Wow amazing race report. That last stretch sounded like a real gut and soul wrenching experience! Congrats Hong – sounds like it was a tough course, and the heat really can be horrifying sometimes (I get heat exhaustion WALKING lol) I cannot even imagine what it must have felt like to cross that finish. You definitely came out of this as a Runner of Steel! :)

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  44. If you have a preference for someone who actually sounds like he knows what he’s doing, instead of just loudly asserting that he knows how to do things, you are already an Obama voter. If you like old white guys who are cranky and claim expertise they don’t have, you are a McCain voter.

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  48. that letting it out, and never letting anything slide is her way of keeping her pressure down. I just don’t want you to internalize it and let your health pay a penalty for it. So, if being the ABM keeps you healthy and on course, then keep on keeping on.

  49. oih, lempikalani ja täältä Hämeen vesistä sitä saa. Mulle tuodaan kalaa suoraan ovelle, kun tiedetään, että olen yksi harvoista emännistä, joka sitä laittaa. Tykkään tosi paljon sun yksinkertaisista ohjeista… mmmm, kuivan valkoviinin kera, aaarrggghh..Mutta nyt alkaa olla mateen aika, mulla on pakastimessa odottamassa muutamalta viime vuodelta 5 nahkaa. Sain ehjänä nyljettyä ja aion kiikuttaa Wetterhoffille, jos joku näppärä taikois mulle niistä lompakon tai laukun.. anja

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  53. CraigNovember 9, 2011Thanks Andrew, was one of the first podcasts I heard. You guys have such a simple formula and easy style that the concept seemed appealing to me. So the bunker can take some credit for this podcast as well. Just like all the great British Rock bands in the seventies could be traced back to a handful of seed bands – the bunker is a seed band.I am very glad you are enjoying the content.RegardsCraig

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  56. I just bought myself my Christmas gif from book depo. I got a few books that I read in ARC form (Where She Went and Farewell to Charms) and this one called Addition that I heard of from an Aussie blogger who's name eludes me right now. And then I pre ordered some other lovelies, like the upcoming Goddess Girls book 😀

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  58. Yea, The Bank’s have to AGREE with this bullshit settlement. NEVER HAPPEN ! The Only reason they are doing this, is to avoid the Trillion dollar settlement and their liability against all the Truth and Lending Act Violations, and all the HUD violations. This is a Racquet and the Government is covering their tracks. Obama and his Group of Bankers are TOO BIG TO FAIL !!

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  63. I find the whole Poison/Final Fight censorship history on the international release pretty silly. Double Dragon games featured beating the tar out of women years before Final Fight, and to my knowledge, that didn’t garner any censorship issues.

  64. Total unsnap on Captain Blood.  I thought it was great fun and a worthy predecessor to Robin Hood.I think you need to figure out what your listeners would be arrested for.  As for you guys:Stennie: stalking ColbertBet: solicitation, along with her friends Cabiria, Wanda, Jessy…

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  70. Je n’aime pas les préludes et fugues de Bach alors qu’elles sont techniquement monstrueuses (à ce qu’un pianiste m’a dit), je préfère de beaucoup la douceur-fougue des nosturnes de Chopin…C’est une question de ressenti, il n’y a pas toujours besoin de s’y connaître, pour prendre plaisir à l’écoute !

  71. camilla: Biter jeg tennene sammen, blir de sittende sammen pga “modelleiren”, sÃ¥ det tror jeg at jeg stÃ¥r over 😉 Men ja, jeg gjør sÃ¥ godt jeg kan med Ã¥ holde ut, og satser pÃ¥ at jeg klarer Ã¥ overleve pÃ¥ flytende mat noen dager til. Takk for det, jeg skulle ønske det jeg ogsÃ¥, men jeg mÃ¥ nok jevnlig til tannlegen resten av livet, men jeg hÃ¥per jeg slipper fler sÃ¥nne store operasjoner!

  72. Danke für diese Zeilen. Auch “wenn wir das alles schon wissen” ist es manchmal ganz hilfreich, zwischendurch einen Denkanstoß zu bekommen. Man sollte nicht immer versuchen, in allem das “Haar in der Suppe” zu finden. Manches spricht für sich selbst und sollte einfach so stehen bleiben… diese Gedanken zählen für mich dazu.

  73. Disconnect and compartmentalization are elements here. I wouldn’t say “calmly” here either. It could be seen an attempt to black out the incident and not to see it as part of her real life.

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  78. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people lament their problems in all countries. But I’ve never in my life heard an American or Indian say that they want to go back to colonialism.

  79. Too bad we can’t feel sorry for men that get hosed in divorces WHILE AT THE SAME TIME think that women are human beings. And also acknowledge that some women are stuck with jack asses for husbands, and stick around for the sake of the children. Naw, I’m sure that NEVER happens.Except when it does.

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  81. Dearest Elaine…My prayers will be with you, the doctors, and your entire family tommorrow (and beyond). Today the title of your blog resonates more than ever!Peace for the journey…

  82. They are all pretty good but nothing moves things forward. Where’s the big idea from the UK? Where’s a Tap Project or the Earth Hour? Or the HBO Voyeur? HBO is the ad of the year surely?

  83. Lib [47];Newscorp/Yankees thing is really not that big of a deal. Fox already owns a sh1tload of sports networks. I think the comment was made tongue in cheek.Its just Dope’s knee-jerk reaction to seeing/reading/smelling anything having to do with News Corp, Murdoch, Fox, et al. All that pent-up anger has to go somewhere.

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