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  1. IMO. It’s a damn shame that MM does not read his comments, or even his email (aprtpenaly — I have asked him in email whether he reads comments, to no reply.)

  2. lottsha[at]hotmail.comI don't have a super special reason but I've always wanted to go to a F21 store since I'm always stalking their website but not buying since shipping from America is expensive :PAnd I follow you through GFC!

  3. dr alistair,Nope, not over the top. But it could work if you (the royal you, not you personally) changed "honey" to "hey you little tart, get over here…." and then grabbed her by the arm and laid a hot kiss on her. Then again, if she's watching Oprah, maybe not.

  4. Buy Xanax…Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the …

  5. Le pansori n’est semble-t-il plus à découvrir (après un tour d’un lien l’autre).(Bizarre que sori buk n’existe chez Wiki qu’en anglais et biélorusse, que conclure ?)Fascinante persistance (notée par leveto) et beauté perceptible au béotien, ici et là (les vidéos ne manquent pas), malgré tous les obstacles.

  6. Que fotos, que historias, que callejuelas, que arquitectura y por sobre todo que relatos! Muy bien rubio me gusto mucho la costa croata aunque estoy de seguro, porque el otro dia pensaba lo mismo que tus primeros parrafos, que la describiste en un 1% haciendo de esa tarea casi inposible!

  7. Deliberately firing rockets at a civilian population is never, ever, justified. It’s a terrorist crime yet i don’t hear you referencing the murder of Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa as a terrorist crime. in fact i don’t recall you ever referencing israel’s actions as terrorism. sliding in ‘deliberate’ with the implied caveat of civilian death as a result of israel’s actions as ‘collateral damage’ or something. it gets so old jon.

  8. Well it is undoubtedly a warped cylinder head which caused the coolant to leak past the head gasket.First of all the head will most likely need machining = 100 dollars tops then a head gasket = 80-90 dollars cylinder head bolts will need replacing = 90 dollars. OK now the tricky part is how long will this take the tech and what is his rate. so it should take about 5-6 hours tops and if he gets 100 dollars an hour that is 600 plus 280 so about 880 and it will probably take the head a day or two to be machined. Grand Cherokees are famous for this problem i have done two this month same problem.

  9. Angie! You are a dangerous (to my bank account) and delightful (to my book-loving soul) book friend. You really should be making commissions on the books you love. Because, if you love it, I’m pretty sure I will. And now I have Daughter of the Forest in my cart as I type this. I’ll report back.

  10. Liebe Joanna,na klar! Völlig klar!Das sind Pfannen für köstliche kleine Pancakes. Mhhh, mit Ahornsirup. Mir läuft jetzt schon das Wasser im Mund zusammen…Und dann könnte man die noch so schön dekorieren…schmacht.Ach, das wäre doch mit Schnecken alles gar nicht möglich.;-)Tolle Bilder!Ich drück dich und sende liebe Grüße aus BerlinMarie

  11. I agree with you Matt, this just might be a great opportunity to put AGW on trial. It could lay the foundation for a reversal of the Supreme Court decision to classify CO2 as a green house gas. I do think with all the new evidence against global warming the Supreme Court needs to take another look at that decision. Only time will tell.

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  21. Hi! I fully agree with you!In my opinion some of the best and most interesting writers nowadays write for young people.I quote Tim Bowler from his Carnegie Medal acceptance speech: "Those who take the patronising view that writing for young people is easier than writing for adults are talking hogwash. … Writing for them does not mean writing down; it means writing up – to the level at which they deserve to be allowed to operate."

  22. Vosotros no os quejeis que el mio es tan malo que ni aparece jaja, y yo que esperaba unos cuantos comentarios en plan cafre, no señores, así no se trata a los que comentamos hombre, queremos que seáis malos, o yo por lo menos, aunque muchas gracias, me he reido un taco, así como el mio no sale siempre podré decir que era tan bueno que se lo han quedado ellos para un libro posterior XD.Por cierto, por no tener no tenía ni imágenes, bueno si una, pero no era para que se pusiera por aquí XD.

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  24. Huff ja, jeg sitter bare og måper når jeg ser bildene fra den forferdelige katastrofen. Det er bare så ufattbart. Kan tenke meg det er spesielt å ha vært der!Vi får håpe inderlig at de snart kan komme i gang med å bygge seg opp igjen. Er det noen som kan klare det rimelig kjapt så er det de fantastisk organiserte japanerne ;)Nattaklem fra Barbro

  25. Sarahluvsyou12345March 27, 2012This is a hard question in a way… Like.. Deep down it’s kind of like I know. I might need them again.. So I keep them, but in another way I know I am trying to quit and I don’t need them, but I will just keep them just in case… But I wouldn’t say it’s ’cause I don’t want to quit.. But I guess that’s basically? doubting myself? Idk. It’s hard to say..

  26. Rehmat, I have read the link…and am very sad to say Judaism, Christianity, and Islam suffer the same tragedy. If only all those believers live by their faith in the context of God’s teachings, there is supposedly no war over Palestine, nor conflicts among the believers…But some fools simply came in along centuries and muddled the character of God’s instructions…Those muslims who were tolerant of other faiths and even saved Jews in their days of visitations are the true Islamic believers. I am really very sad for our world religious state….

  27. Es terrible lo que cuentas pero ya de Italia no me extraña nada. Empezaron con las razias callejeras en busca de inmigrantes escondidos. Es una barbarie consentida por muchos italianos que dan apoyo a estos brotes fascistas que ya no son tan aislados. Qué pena de país que, tal y como dices, en algún tiempo fue el ejemplo a imitar.(Te he mandado un correo)Un beso, Rafa

  28. First of all, What the fuck I had no idea you had been stung so many times! Second you are seriously making me laugh right now, this is good shit. Keep it up…not the string ray part…fuck them! I think the only lesson I remember from Junior Guards is the that damn sting ray shuffle, yes you end up looking like a dumb ass entering the water but it makes me feel better! Oh and when you cuss it makes me happy probably because I have a foul mouth but you already know that all too well!

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  34. Oetincelleo, si j’ai bien compris, tu as la version longue, non ? Tu as vu la version courte aussi ? Qu’amène en plus la version longue ? Je dis ça, car je sais que j’achèterai un jour le seigneur des anneaux, mais je ne sais quelle version.Yves, si un jour tu as plein de temps devant toi, essaie quand même de le lire … Mais je sais que beaucoup sont réfractaires à ce genre de littérature.

  35. Lom,(1) The point of sending comments into the queue is to squash the flaming before it spirals and elevate the tone of the discussions here.(2) In line with my principle of “hide nothing,” I have no intention of silencing criticism of the chosen ones here.(3) Yes, I know him in real life. He’s definitely not Jewish.(4) If you know of any way to make the comment section more navigable with WordPress, feel free to offer some suggestions.

  36. Danielle – Oh how I wish I could do it all over again!…I would still marry the same man but I would pick a beautiful setting like this vineyard. These pictures are so beautiful! Congratulations to the beautiful couple who made it so!September 16, 2010 – 8:58 am

  37. Pradeep, I read the page where Digital Inspiration accepted guest blogging option. But, I’m not really sure it still applies. I sent a guest blog proposal once, but there is no reply. Maybe it has been closed. I also never see Amit replies readers’ comments as well

  38. Florence,je suis moi aussi déçue que vos soyez déçue par ma recette de Bagels. Comme pour toutes les pâtes levées, chaque ingrédient a son importance (une très bonne levure, farine de qualité…) et c’est aussi une question d’habitude ! La cuisson à l’eau, au contraire leur donne tout leur moelleux et je vous assure que les miens étaient parfaits… et suis suis “connaisseur”. A bientôt

  39. You need to hire Steve Sailer and Michael Totten and Greg Cochran and Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Steve McIntyre and Jeffrey Rogers Hummel and Razib Khan and Michael Yon and Jörg Guido Hülsmann.Totten’s a neocon, I thought we weren’t having any of them. I don’t know about Yon, but he’ll likely be associated with the Iraq-hawks, who were dead wrong. McIntyre seems alright to me (though I think AGW is real), but enough climate-skeptics have conceded that it’s largely the province of idiot cranks now.

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  41. These little journals are attractive as well as functional and NO…you aren’t mean. LOL I don’t think that anybody who offers blog candy could ever come across as mean. (even when we don’t ever win:) I liked the idea of a little desk clock or paperweight.

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  43. Just re-read the “silly signs on lab instruments” part, which made me smile – I just did a tour of our shop and was reminded again that one of our racks of thermocyclers is named after members of the Wu-Tang Clan: U-God, Method Man, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, and so forth. They used to be Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Doc, etc. – not sure quite what happened there but I’m sure there’s some profound social commentary that could be derived from it.“Ghostface Killah”. I might start signing my emails that way. Suits me perfectly I think.

  44. This article is ridiculous. Not caching data is te fault of the developers, not Uiwebview. And seriously, blaming the slowness on HTML? What does the format of the data have to do with anything? There is no reason their dev cycle isn’t compatible with a decent iOS app. iOS development at Facebook is not a priority. Period. That is the only reason the app sucks. It sucks because they wrote a shitty app. Not because of Uiwebview. Not because they use HTML. Because they wrote a shitty app.

  45. “Juan of the dead” hätte mir bei den FFF-Nights vielleicht ein bisschen besser gefallen, wenn er nicht an fünfter Stelle in einem sowieso durchwachsenen Programm gelaufen wäre. Die episodische Erzählweise hätte dann vielleicht nicht schon nach der ersten Hälfte zu Ermüdungserscheinungen geführt. Aber der politische Spin der typischen Zombie-Geschichte, die sympathisch billigen Production Values und die charismatischen Hauptdarsteller haben trotz meiner abnehmenden Konzentration für einen positiven Gesamteindruck gesorgt.

  46. For years now, Jim Rogers and others have advocated eliminating the capital gains tax on hard assets, which would allow commodoties to be freely converted to and from fiat money, as being a relatively painless way to get most of the benefits of a hard currency, but nobody ever seems to seriously discuss the pros and cons of that approach. Instead we get waffle about the gold standard.

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  49. agape2010, "he was put in there by some high level blacks in the repub party that would have walked out and turned dem had they not put him in…and of course they (high level black repubs) knew he didn't have the sense God gave him and they thought (wrongly) that Stelle would listen and obey as he was required to do… at the time Steele was all they had (young, black and had a bit of experience)."Agape, where are you getting your information from? Is it from your intuition or was it a dream? are you a Republican?

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  52. Thank you, Suzanne! I was thinking about your back 40 when I saw it – something about those winding roads, and you never know what you might find around the next bend. As for the ever-perpetuating perfume cabinet – well, thanks to friends, followers and fans, I suspect I’ll be set for life! You know how it goes – you get what you need when you need it!

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  58. Why do we term people who attack the heart of the Catholic faith and Practice as 'liberal' and not use the correct term, heretic? Calvin had more right to be called a Catholic than these contemporary so called liberals.

  59. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. cheers

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  61. pořád mi trochu schází. Já vím, práce je víc než dost, a tolik dalších vÄ›cí si v novém “módu” jistÄ› žádá pozornost. Tak aspoň za tohle díky.Velké téma, poslední dobou na nÄ›j narážím čím dál častÄ›ji. A nevidím to tak skepticky, tÄ›ch výjimek je docela dost, i když ke kritickému množství pořád daleko :)

  62. It sounds like you’ve experienced many wonderful differences in Nanjing. Now I’m wondering what I can possibly make for dinner for you this week! Have a safe trip home. Get ready for cooler weather.

  63. What’s a mother to do? Don’t use certain baby bottles they will harm your child…..Don’t feed a baby too soon…..Don’t use formula only breastmilk….And now…..Don’t use baby wash or lotion it MIGHT harm your child! Maybe we should just not have anymore babies! Sheesh! I’m so tired of this stuff!

  64. Toc, Toc..Hola Annatarambana fa temps que em barrufes, i ara que és estiu i tota barrufa viu i et veig tant alterada, doncs això…Bona nit de Sant Joan!!

  65. Please put one in my backyard if it reduces pollution. I’m SO sick of all the perpetual subsidies and misinformation re the oil/coal industries. Canada’s government has become a puppet to big US industry. Too bad we share such close proximity to be so influenced or, should I say, coerced. American citizens are also victimized by the propaganda. The sun and wind are free and non polluting. Sorry but I don’t see the problem. I remember seeing my first wind turbine in a British movie years ago and was fascinated with them. They struck me as graceful.

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