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  1. tattoos are like ciggerettes . everyones got an excuse for using them . . women have a broader spectrum of sexuality than men meaning they are open too more fringe things than men. women in general like to slut up without being a slut . women love to put on leather and hop on the back of a harley and be a slut for the day . get a tattoo and show it when they feel slutty. they love the attention . women love being a selective slut . its fun !

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  4. That was hilarious as usual, but am I the only one who wasn’t completely squicked out towards real-life pregnancy by this book? I’ve never been pregnant myself, but I know it’s not anything like that, so I just separated them without realizing it. The whole chomping your way out of the womb thing did squick me out MAJOR in a fictional way, though. xD

  5. Right on Rod; Chu has evolved into a slippery politician as mentored by Al Gore in a way that reflexively forces him to agree in a fearful, weak and half-hearted way with pro nuclear Senators, but sometimes in his less guarded, jocular, and more candid moments, in a fit of classical Pavlovian conditioning, he reveals the depths of his west coast inspired anti-nuclear sentiments and deep green prejudices.

  6. Toshio made a version of this salad the other night, he left out the kamut (he was scared of them), but it was still yummy! I mixed the leftovers with leftover red quinoa the next night, also yummy, but I imagine a crunchier grain like kamut would be a bit better.

  7. Thank you Miriam!Mittens are one of my favourite things to design and knit and I do run workshops on Mitten Making. I also have a new workshop coming soon called Nordic Mitten Making — so maybe I should take a trip to Holland and teach some workshops!In the meantime, ‘Folk Mittens’ by Marcia Lewandowski, published by Interweave, is a great book to get you started…Lucinda

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  10. E greu sa faci educatie alimentara altora … vorbesc din experienta. Stiu cum e sa supraveghezi un copil supraponderal si sa-l ajuti sa inteleaga ca e spre binele lui sa slabeasca (nu e vorba despre copilul meu). In ultimii 10 ani mi-am schimbat obiceiurile alimentare, pentru ca asa am ales, pentru ca asa e mai bine pentru mine si cei dragi mie. Cineva m-a mustrat ca “imi invat sotul prost”, mancare proaspata in fiecare zi la servici.

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  12. : “On Human Bondage”, n’est-ce pas d’abord en référence à Spinoza ?Rédigé par : Mountdrago | le 01 juin 2010 à 20:28 | Alerter Vous avez raison. C’est l’emprunt initial de Maugham, qui popularise l’expression en anglais. Il me semble que, pour un anglophone cultivé, le titre de David Brion Davis évoque davantage le chef d’œuvre mineur de Maugham que l’esclavage ( !) des passions tel que le dissèque le grand Baruch. Si l’historien joue sur la double référence, il y a fort à parier que son éditeur table avant tout sur la notoriété de l’écrivain anglais.

  13. One thing to consider about Perry versus other govs of other states throughout recent history:One can lead a state with just about everything in the way of natural resources, plus great weather and an extensive transportation system, and still mangage to f**k it royally.I give you California.

  14. Por alguma razão deixei de consumir sagres e passei a beber super. Tudo aquilo que esteja directamente ligado aos avermelhados para mim está riscado…isto já lá vai desde os tempos da parmalat que era o leite de consumo lá em casa e depois acabou-se. Eles que continuem a arranjar o dinheiro do negocio da droga, de Angola e dos pneus…do meu nem um centavo!!!

  15. Hi, Daley:It’s so nice to meet an animal rescue volunteer, since I’m a rescue doggy myself. I was actually dumped in a McDonald’s parking lot when I was very young. Not a single day goes by that I don’t remember how lucky I am to have found a forever home. It’s people like you that made that happen.Keep up the amazing work! – Mayli the Labradane

  16. Never mind, I’ve found the answer, even though it’s totally not obvious.There is no ‘INFO’ tab on my Page.It’s another “LIKES” area.Just under Timelines image, there is a area for Photos, Likes and Maps.These Likes are for people that like your page.Underneath the “Recent posts by others” is a box called ‘LIKES”.This is where you find the pages that your page has Liked.So, two areas for Likes for different reasons.Hope this helps someone else.B.

  17. Thanks so much for this – I’ve always wondered. I have very rarely refrigerated the dough and you know what… I have always had poor results when baking a single crust for my cream pies… the dough shrinks every time. Hopefully next time the shell will keep its walls.

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  19. At my restaurant I tip out 7.9 percent of my sales. It really takes a huge cut out of my pay when people who in their country do not tip, so they think that applies here as well, and I end up paying for the privledge of waiting on them. And that oh so generous 10 percent tip really does not go that far when I do the math at the end of the night either.

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  23. Ralph/Neil: I thought the JG involved a public sector job at minimum wage, so that as the private-employment picture improved people would move into those jobs. How would that work with private-sector subsidies? Also, what is private and public (and the ratio) varies from country to country, so not a rigid distinction in terms of the type of job.

  24. . It gets a lot of laughs from anyone. This shipped fast for regular shipping. It is durable for the price, and it can also hold cans. The only bad thing about it is that it sags if you put 6 bottles in, but it is adjustable so that really isn’t a problem. All in all this is a great product. This is also a great gag gift for any drinkers.

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  26. Thank you so much for this. (Added to LJ “memories” and to my quotefile; I may print that out and put it on the bulletin board over my desk.) If those I’m living in a small offshoot of the Hoh Rain Forest here. (only a few unfinished – or unstarted – bead projects, but yarn? sewing? embroidery? don’t ask.) Letting go of the guilt probably will take a while, but now I’ve got a perfect metaphor to use.

  27. iam a girl and a very spiritual one i believe it was Gods plan that i read this blog today….i have never had sex but i mustarbate alot…before i use to do it with my cloths on but now i touch my genitals and it feels like sex…the experience is good but ends with guilt…everyday m planing to stop hope i get serious now…m 22 but with no growth n suddenly i have acne that doesnt heal am starting to conect it with mustarbation…honestly i wish it wasnt a bad thing.

  28. Ja tänk hur det kan gÃ¥ när man inte kan behÃ¥lla byxorna pÃ¥… 😀 Själv har jag införskaffat ett kyskhetsbälte för att inte "smittas" av bäbis…Ja, en egen familj har ni snart. STORT!

  29. Hej Louise,Uha – godt spørgsmÃ¥l. Du mÃ¥ jo godt spise majs, men majs indeholder meget stivelse og kroppen kan faktisk ikke bruge majs til ret meget. Forskellen pÃ¥ majs og popcorn er, at du normalt ikke vil spise sÃ¥ mange majs, som du ville spise popcorn. Jeg ville ikke selv spise popcorn, men du kan jo prøve dig lidt frem med dem.Hilsen Sanne

  30. I stick to the first commentary, almost:Simple, deja vu so many times and modern (it’s true, it’s modern, modern meaning something that belongs at least to 60 years ago).No one needs this vase, not even Fuksas. This vase won’t give them visibility (he has more than enough), and Alessi no longer needs objects with a spicy signature in its bottom. Unless it demonstrates to sell sooooo well, so then you’re right, but alessi could afford betting on surprising, both the design world and the market, as they did 15 yrs back.cheers!

  31. Congratulations!You have one awesome boy there!Where I am at kids can’t get piercings unless their parents sign for them and even then some places refuse to do it.

  32. Es precioso el cuento. Gracias Gershon por compartir y traernos este lindo cuenta de esta gran escritora. A veces temo leer sus relatos por las emociones y sentimientos que me provocan. Gracas Nmphie por compartir tu arte y muchsimas gracias Gershon por publicarlo en tu blog. BesosRony

  33. Lynn – OK–I have to know, because I’ve seen a few baby photos in the hammock. Did you hang the baby up from the branch (albeit super low to the ground), or did you swaddle baby, lay down the branch etc and stand on a stool, taking the photo from above. Either way, looks great! I’m just curious…Great shots! Waaaay great! I want another baby now. Erm. Mebbe not. HA!

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  35. eu amo falar de paulo freire com maior prazer,fiz um mural para o colegio aonde eu estudo ,mais fiquei muito triste com oq queriam fazer as minha s colegas de sala alguma da minha equipemais quem fez foi eu ” sobre as etapas do metodo” quiseram rasgar o meu mural botarzm maior defeito mais eu nao em todos as horas é um maior prazer p mim falar desse grande homem

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  37. :The Institute's statement, which has been published both on the Institute's website and the Committee's, has been interpreted by some individuals to imply that it does not support the scientific evidence that the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is contributing to global warming.That is not the case. The Institute's position on climate change is clear: the basic science is well enough understood to be sure that our climate is changing – and that we need to take action now to mitigate that change. Guess the Illuminati inquisitors got to them.

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  39. You’re totally right! (I just fixed it) Shoutout to The Coffee Shop! It’s so sad that I never became a “regular” the whole time I’ve lived here. I remember when we moved in I was like, I’m going to hang out there and they’ll know me. Nope.. never happened haha

  40. Salve, io nel 2012 ho lavorato solo a gennaio e febrraio quindi totale 60 giorni: è possibile ugualmente presentare la domanda per i requisiti ridotti anche con meno di 78 giorni lavorativi? pagano di meno?

  41. 18/09/2012 at 3:41 pm · Love the attention to detail in these. And Wesley did a great job on the sound design! The flat duotone look works really well, and even though everything seems really clear, I could understand having trouble getting everything across in two colors. How much time would you say you invested in this, concept to completion?

  42. I’ve deleted a few of those posts that I’ve written because I did a gut-check and just could not hit publish. I can’t go there. Off to check off the smile epidemic. Thank you!

  43. This is an interesting feature but I think it would better if you just showed where people left the video instead of comparing it with other videos. Also, it would be really great if you give us stats on our subscribers. Age and location charts.

  44. TimAnyone else posting that you would look at a calendar thinking it was April 1, but you – well I believe every report of your action!I think the Destiny Church worker idea has some merit.Send their big lads out on K’Rd to sweep the streets. It may keep them off the hustings come election time.

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  46. Some of these are kind of funny (e.g. first one, toilet sticker).But I think they are mistaken in trying to make the argument for atheism. Ads are a bad place to make a theological argument; it will always seem glib and basically open to easy rejoinder by believers. Shouldn’t the real purpose be to say ‘We atheists are out here, we believe in good not god, and we’re proud.’ This is the news that the ad brings — the arguments themselves have been done to death.The executions that achieves this for me is “We believe in go(o)d.” However it is boring and plannery. There must be something more fun on these lines…

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  48. Scott,Your wife is a knockout (and a champ for letting you post her pic)! Congrats on the beautiful new babe. I thought for sure the word that made you shudder would be “vasectomy.”

  49. No, even the teacher who taught it couldn’t remember it! They must have learned it while studying elementary music ed at Western Conn. State College in the 1950s. What little I could find, it may have been a folksong recorded by Peter Paul and Mary and written under a pseudonym.

  50. someone who has the same exact name as me, owns a twitter account that is highly offensive. when you google my name this twitter is the fifth result. as twitter will not help me and the person can not be contacted or reached, i seemingly have to live with this google search result?

  51. We are attempting to go through and make sure that all links are working correctly, etc… The new system uses a script to grab the numbers, so over the next few weeks, we'll try to test the system

  52. I, too, am excited about the snow forecast. Sorry you and Jim won’t be together for Christmas. My Jim and I were in Russellville yesterday. Jim found and purchased a used Honda motorcycle at Honda of Russellville. He’ll pick it up next Wednesday if the roads aren’t too dangerous for travel. The burger recipe sounds great! I would’ve never thought to add nuts.

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  55. Jordana Appleby – My little one would love either the kidcraft or voila kitchen playlets ow ever I am loving the flat out oven (we don’t have the money or the space for the ones she loves *lol*)Also any of the Lundy accessories – we have some if those items which my daughter plays with in an old wooden dollhouse (a proper Lundy house would be well loved and played with).

  56. Ellen, I was thoroughly enjoying your post, and making a mental note to buy Season of Secrets – when I scrolled down and came across my own title. How very lovely of you! I too am a big fan of Dogsbody, loved The Stones are Hatching, and HAVE TO GET anything by Jane Gardam I haven't already read, especially about green men! Charlie, I want your book too. Some happy reading ahead of me!But the sheela-na-gig… there's a challenge…

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  62. Ahh, you silly flatterer you! Nah, “handsome” is not a word that has applied to ME in decades, I’m afraid, lovely lady! But, we DID meet at the Cosplay Deviants table (you interviewed me;-) on Saturday and hung out Sunday on a couch for a bit with some new friends I’d just made! And, you ROCKED! I’m from Louisiana and like you, a Saints fan! DREW RULES!!! Anyway, can’t wait to go this year; and I hope we run into each other again!

  63. Yes i agree. Thought Inbetweeners was funny if somewhat immature but certainly made me laugh. My family a reasonable series but not a classic. The Nick lyndhurst series was After you’ve gone it wasn’t bad but by no means classic. Thought he was good in goodnight sweetheart though. Really good series

  64. I have to thank you Josh, and all you CI rockstars for your genius words! There is nothing more inspiring than reading all of your stories and thoughts (not in a creepy stalker kind of way).Sometimes we just need a reminder or gentle shove.THANK YOU!!!!!Can’t wait for LA BOOTCAMP!!!

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  67. I like your final illustration being the starry sky over the ocean. I'm one of those who's always believed that the High Frontier in space is humanity's next and obvious direction.It is not only saddening but dangerous that other nations are moving ahead where America led for so long.

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  69. I switched channels and went to watch Doomsday. The match was so boring that JMac and Pygmy Guy spoke about everything else apart from the tennis – as there was nothing happening on which they could actually provide commentary.

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  72. You know, I absolutely loved Insidious up until the end. I just wish they wouldn’t have just out right showed the demon. That was one of those moments where I think Wan should have left the audience use their imagination. Maybe everyone you watched it with have bad taste in movies!

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  75. hay diosko! si charice ang bata pa para magpabotox noh.i agree with Kat wla dapat baguhin sa kanya! accepted naman ng tao ung mukha niya eh, oi akala ko nga ang ilong yah retokado na yan, tignan niyo nga ng mabuti non hindi yan ganyan hahahaha.. lahat punlicity yan. minsan parang lumalaki na ulo niya. I dunno my kids hates her niyahhaha

  76. Yeah, the whole "have you any decency? There are people trying to sleep!" "Not in these tents, there aren't," routine was funny (and embarrassing). On the other hand, it's hard to laugh freely about something in the face of that combination of propagandistic deception and implicit violence in support of a totalitarian ideology.It's like laughing during the scene when the Gestapo has burst into the house and is looking for the Jews…their antics may be foolish, but how funny is that situation really?(very funny, but I'm not proud to admit that)Chiu Chun-Ling.

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